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Our content is built exclusively in-house by a team of Learning Designers with 20 years combined experience. We follow adult learning methodologies and a Human-Centred approach to craft our online courses.

— Tiffany McHugh, Head of Product, Academy Xi

Short courses in Australia

Are you looking to study a short course in Australia? If so, then look no further.

Short courses for individuals

Academy Xi offers short online courses for individuals in a range of disciplines:

Tech & Data


Business & Marketing

Short courses for organisations

Academy Xi also offers in-person and online short courses for organisations in a variety of disciplines: 

Tech & Data


Business & Marketing

Benefits of our short online courses

  • In-Demand Skills – Whether you’re looking to upskill or change careers, our courses offer the skills employers are searching for. 
  • Expert Mentorship – Our mentors are hand-picked and have years of experience in the industry and online classroom. 
  • Industry Connections – We’ve built strong industry relationships and a tight-knit community to give you an edge in the market.
  • Practical Learning – You’ll put theory into practice, developing tangible digital skills through hands-on activities and practical projects. 
  • Flexible Development – All our courses are online and come in a range of flexible formats that are workable around your lifestyle.

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How are Academy Xi short courses completed?

Academy Xi courses are completed online, either full-time, part-time or self-paced. Full-time and part-time courses have regular live video classes, normally held once or twice a week, and all coursework is submitted online.  

Can you study Academy Xi short courses from anywhere in Australia?

Because Academy Xi short courses are completed online, you can study online from anywhere in Australia. 

How long are Academy Xi short courses?

Academy Xi courses range in length. Our Elevate courses are designed to help you upskill and take 12 weeks to complete. Our Transform courses are designed to help you change careers and take between 4-10 months to complete. 

Are short courses worth it?

Short courses are a great way to boost your employability, pay opportunities and job responsibilities. If you’re keen to transition careers, a short course can quickly prepare you for a role in a new industry. 

What is the best short course to get a job?

The course that’s best for you will be determined by the industry you’re keen to make progress in. Academy Xi short courses are all industry-specific, so whether you want to be a Graphic Designer or a Software Engineer, we’ve got a course perfectly suited to your ambitions.  

Do you need a visa to do a short course in Australia?

Academy Xi short courses are 100% online and can be completed anywhere, which means you do not need a visa to study online with us.

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