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Hello future changemaker! 

Are you passionate about education and empowering people to future-proof their career? Being part of Academy Xi is a fantastic opportunity to make your mark, create meaningful experiences, change the lives of thousands of students… and yours!

We understand how important it is to find the right company to thrive in. We also know that organisations with a strong positive culture and happy employees perform better in the long run, which is why we want people who work with us to help us shape and evolve our culture. 

Here’s a bit about who we are and how we work, so you can see if we’d be a good match for one another.

Our values drive positive interactions

Our culture is shaped by a set of four core values that guide how we work:

  • Create exceptional experiences
  • Build community
  • Generate impact
  • Empower the tribe

Our values are more than just words. They guide our decisions and permeate every touchpoint and experience we deliver. They drive positive and impactful interactions between colleagues, students, instructors, and external partners. They give us space to experiment, grow, speak up, learn and have fun while changing the world one course at a time. 

Have a read here to see if they relate to you.

The best thing about us is our people

We refer to our employees as tribe members, who inspire, educate and live and breathe our mission about changing the world through education. 

This is what it means to be part of the Academy Xi tribe and some of the traits we foster:

  • AuthenticTrue to yourself, and to others. We celebrate what makes us different, because “there is no one alive who is Youer than You”. 
  • TransparentAlways communicating clearly and admitting mistakes to learn and grow. 
  • Forward thinking – We like to think BIG, and then nut out the steps towards making it happen. 
  • SupportiveWe smash targets and celebrate individual wins – always looking out for each other – so we shine as a whole. 
  • DeterminedWe never give up, always striving to learn more, be better, hone our skills and develop our passion. 
  • Growth mindset – We’re eternally curious and optimistic. We embrace limitless possibilities and our sense of savvy idealism is contagious. 
  • EnergeticWe’re switched-on and curious problem-solvers. We put our creative energy to good use by thinking outside the box. 
  • ChangemakersWe transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We trust ourselves to empower others with the knowledge to go further than ever before.

How do we work?

Our tribe’s commitment to creating positive experiences sets us apart from the crowd. We always start by asking, how can we better the lives of our students and the world around us through our work? 

Our intuition and creativity is unrivalled, but we always ensure our ‘gut-feel’ is grounded by data, insights and reality. We know what we’re capable of, and where we’re going. 

We know when to roll up our sleeves. We’re accountable – fessing up to mistakes, and taking responsibility. With a spring in our step, we approach problems head-on, and with a smile. 

We believe a good idea can come from anywhere, no matter your role or your seniority level. Pick up a post-it note and don’t be afraid to get messy with your ideas. With whiteboards available on every wall, find a space and let your creativity grow.

We always remember to communicate well – to help, inform, motivate and grow. This means articulating tasks, needs, priorities, deadlines, ideas and concerns to each other with clarity, respect, and an open conversation.

We encourage curiosity and different ways of working. Make the most of our open space and various communication and collaboration tools, and let’s create something amazing together.

We like to celebrate each other’s personal and professional milestones with cake, treats and pizza! No one in our tribe goes unnoticed and everyone should feel empowered. We’ve created a culture where ‘thank you’ and ‘woohoo!’ are sprinkled all around!

Our team of doers work hard, but we also remember to look after ourselves along the way. We stay healthy, exercise, have fun, and take time out to relax, as well as reminding others to carve out time for themselves. 

As a supportive team, we know when to celebrate wins, look out for each other, and have fun. We’ve created a safe, tight-knit tribe that welcomes ideas and remains open. 

Company perks

  • Learn and grow with our free courses:
    Our employees can get free access to all our amazing and life-changing courses
  • Focus on your health and wellbeing:
    From our monthly wellbeing allowance, ergonomic workstations, company sponsored fitness challenges and events to our very own Running Club, we focus on your wellbeing 
  • Achieve genuine balance through flexible work arrangements:
    Whether you’re a parent or pursuing other ambitions and interests – we understand that everyone has different ways of working and we support them 
  • Forced fun:
    We love our Friday drinks, team lunch, and ping pong tournaments. Once a quarter, we also shut down the company for our “all-hands” event and subsequent parties
  • Make an impact:
    We focus on projects that matter and have a social impact. If there is a cause you’d like to dedicate your time to, we’ll support you

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