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At Academy Xi, our mission is to optimise your organisation’s culture and performance through concise, actionable training in the fields of human-centred design, digital business and emerging technology. New ways of working and the emergence of new technology are creating skill gaps within teams, which can lead to internal friction, poorly designed products, systemic customer service failures and weak market traction. 

Academy Xi helps your people thrive in these new environments, instead of being left behind. 

We have training solutions for staff at all levels, including:

  • Individual employee development (upskillers, practitioners, leaders)
  • 1-2 day team trainings
  • Project-based team training
  • Bespoke programs
  • Onboarding experiences
  • Organisational transformation solutions
The average Australian worker will need to gain seven new digital skills by 2025 to keep pace - Amazon Web Services in Australia, 'Unlocking APAC's Digital Potential' report (2021)
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Nearly 70% of Australian businesses intend to address skills gaps by re-skilling existing staff on the job - AI Group, 'Skills Urgency: Transforming Australia's Workplaces' report (2021)

Team training for businesses

A suite of one-day courses designed to build foundational capability in teams. Best suited to functional areas looking to upskill. Great for onboarding new team members and creating a shared language across your team in priority areas.

One or two-day workshops allowing for a deeper-dive into a discipline. These unique programs allow for a relevant organisational project to be brought in on Day 2. The perfect opportunity to kick-start a new project or take a step back and align on the problem you are solving for.

Bespoke programs designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Flexible in length, these programs are co-designed with you to deliver long-term business results. Think: Staff Onboarding Experiences; Project-based team training; Digital & Customer-Centric Transformation and more.

Workforce transformation solutions to successfully drive your business forward in the compacted labor market and plug skills gaps. Academy Xi supports you where traditional recruitment, education, talent management and HR models are not always able to.

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Our collected thoughts on what we think the future of work looks like from digitisation to design. From data to digital imposter syndrome.

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Good leaders understand that high-performing teams are only possible with strong foundations. Setting a platform success includes making sure that all team members subscribe to a shared language, set of practices, tools and mindset. In the wake of organisation-wide digital, data-driven and design-focussed change, managers are faced with ensuring that their team isn’t left behind.

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