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Online courses in high-demand disciplines

With our supportive online experience, you’ll have access to the expert guidance and feedback you need to succeed, no matter where you are on your journey.

UX/UI Design

Place the user at the centre of the design process to create smooth, functional and attractive digital products.

Software Engineering

Become a well-versed full-stack developer, using popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript and SQL.

Service Design

Design business services and processes that support exceptional end-to-end customer experiences.

Graphic Design

Use the Adobe suite to create stunning visual assets that inspire, inform, and captivate your audience.

Product Management

Get hands-on experience with Jira and Agile Scrum while learning to take a digital product from idea to market effectively and efficiently.

Data Analytics

Learn vital analytics skills including Python programming, visualisation, SQL, regression modelling and web scraping.

Our Job Guarantee

All Transform courses are backed by our Job Guarantee, so you can be sure that you're getting the best value for your investment. If you don't land a job within 180 days of graduation, we will provide additional courses and career support (free of charge!) until you secure a role.

Our graduates have gone on to do extraordinary things

Rati MarwahMarketing Coordinator at World Vision Australia

For anyone keen to change careers and grow as a person, I would definitely recommend taking an Academy Xi course. It helped me develop a passion for Digital Marketing and gave me the head start I needed to break into the industry. I came into the course seeking a new sense of direction in my career and by the time I graduated, I had it. I really owe that to Academy Xi.

Ryan CollingwoodProduct Designer at Helfie.ai

The client project was one of the best parts of the UX UI Transform course—you get real-world experience, and for me, it actually led to a job with that client. I got the job not long after graduation. The program also gave me access to a professional mentor… which gave me industry insight and the chance to ask questions about different ways of working.

Christina PengWeb Content Author at Swinburne University

Graphic Design Elevate was the perfect short graphic design course for me! I was taught a combination of practical and theory-based skills, which helped me gain more of a holistic confidence toward my passion. The online learning model suited my work schedule perfectly and I felt it was a very balanced commitment.

Matthew CameronQuality Engineer at SafetyCulture

The outcome I couldn’t be happier with. The Software Engineering Transform course certainly exceeded my expectations. I was able to find work relatively quickly after the course ended, and the pay grade was more than I had anticipated. The course itself was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but rewarding all the same. I am very happy with the progress I made throughout the course and the cohort lead was a fantastic help throughout.

Jocelyn Claire FisherProject Administrator at A1 Services

I've fallen in love with Data Analytics because of this course. It was sometimes difficult as a student who was completely new to the language and industry, but the support of my mentor helped heaps with that aspect. I'm very proud of my achievements and the projects I was able to create, which I can now display in my portfolio!

Harrison LewisDigital Marketing Specialist at Avant Mutual

The thing I really found the most useful was how hands-on the Front-End Web Development course was. Not only did we get to learn the theory behind what we were trying to achieve, but we got to put it into practice in our own environments and experiment with how the differences in the code appeared on the visual display, all under the guidance of our expert mentor. Ultimately this ended up providing me with a finished product (website) that was at a professional level and gave me the know-how to apply this knowledge to a broad range of situations in the future.

Christina TheodoreLead Service Designer at Scentre Group

Academy Xi was instrumental in securing my dream role, so a big thank you to my mentor and my team mates! This course will expand your portfolio, your network and expose you to some amazing like-minded people. Be collaborative, inquisitive, open about your passions and you will get a lot out of studying with Xi.

Christian ToddGeneral Manager at Superpharmacy

Product Management Elevate was a really fantastic course. Brilliant and extensive course materials and references, with a diverse selection of videos from experienced practising product managers. The mentor, also an experienced practising Product Manager, was able to bring additional context to the group discussions and provide valuable feedback on work submitted.

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Phillip Hayes - St Claire

Co-Founder and CEO of Drop Bio Health

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