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Upskill and boost your CV with a self-paced Customer Experience (CX) course. You’ll cover key CX skills including CX research, stakeholder management techniques, customer journey mapping, CX strategy design and much more.

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Our graduates are now the driving force behind some of Australia’s most innovative brands

Why choose this course?

No prerequisites or previous experience required

Launch your Customer Experience journey today, no matter what level of experience you have! Our beginner-friendly approach will help get you up to speed in no time.

Flexible and self-paced

With 6 months access, the speed at which you tackle online course content is up to you. Study at your own pace and fit learning into your busy lifestyle.

Created for Upskillers

Our Elevate courses help you boost your career with sought-after Customer Experience skills. Unlock higher salaries and job growth potential.

What your curriculum looks like

Upskill in Customer Experience within 6 months. You’ll work through interactive online course content at your own pace, and have the support of an industry mentor when you need it.

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Module 9
  • Module 10
  • Portfolio project

Module 1

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Introduction to Customer Experience (CX)
Familiarise yourself with the background, core concepts, terminology, and applications of CX.

  • Introduction to Human-Centred Design (HCD) 
  • The difference between CX, Service Design (SD), User Experience (UX), marketing and project management
  • The impact, roles and 10 principles of great CX

Module 2

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module

Customer Experience (CX) research
Learn how to bring the voice of the customer into a business with research techniques and how to:

  • Conduct consumer interviews and surveys
  • Read, make sense of and apply data
  • Conduct effective desktop research 
  • Know which technique to deploy and when

Module 3

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer insights and data storytelling
Explore the importance of storytelling with data and the role of data in developing insights, learning how to:

  • Extract insights from data  
  • Present your insights to stakeholders
  • Distribute insights to an organisation

Module 4

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer segmentation
Learn about segmenting customers in a way that allows you to serve their different needs and validate your insights.

  • Introduction to segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation 
  • Who are your customers and what do they want? 
  • How to validate your insights
  • How to apply your segmentation

Module 5

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Stakeholder engagement
Explore the role of CX in an organisation and the stakeholders involved.

  • CX and stakeholder engagement 
  • The role of CX in an organisation
  • Understand and align with an organisation’s vision
  • Learn how to overcome operational restrictions

Module 6

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer journey analysis
Explore the customer journey, learning how to define and draw insights from it.

  • What is a customer journey?
  • The role of Service Design (SD) in journey mapping 
  • How to map a customer journey and extract key insights
  • Introduction to journey metrics

Module 7

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer Experience (CX) strategy
Learn the key requirements and gain all the tools you need to develop your own CX strategy, making impactful CX decisions.

  • How to write a CX strategy 
  • Presenting your CX strategy 
  • Measuring your CX strategy 
  • Creating an minimum viable product (MVP) CX strategy

Module 8

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer journey optimisation
Learn how to optimise your customer journey, ensuring it delivers desired outcomes by applying design thinking techniques.

  • How to prioritise optimisations 
  • Applying design thinking to customer journeys
  • Defining the challenge 
  • Generating, testing and implementing solutions

Module 9

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer Experience (CX) program rollout
Learn how to implement your CX strategy by converting it into an actionable program working with all the relevant stakeholders.

  • Creating a CX program rollout plan 
  • Designing rollout training and support 
  • How to ensure effective communications to support rollout
  • The use of technology in a rollout

Module 10

Recommended: 6-8 hours per module


Customer Experience (CX) measurement
Understand customer metrics, their role in measuring overall CX and the technology involved.

  • Benefits of NPS, CSAT and CES and when to use them
  • Custom metrics 
  • CX measurement technology
  • Calculating the ROI of CX

Portfolio project

Recommended: 6-8 hours


End your learning with a CX strategy project, that can be actioned in your current role or used as a portfolio piece to demonstrate your practical skill set to current and future employers.


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All Elevate students have access to an industry mentor as they progress through their course. Your mentor is an expert in the field and can provide insider tips and guidance on-demand.

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Student success stories

Our students come from different walks of life and have supercharged their careers, landing coveted jobs in the Design, Tech, and Marketing fields.

From Multimedia Production to Customer Experience

Ben McCarthy

As a Multimedia Producer at Melbourne’s Fed Square, Ben decided to upskill in CX and give the venue’s visitors experiences they’ll never forget. Find out how the Customer Experience: Elevate course is helping Ben plan events that are bringing a buzz to one of Melbourne’s most loved venues.

Ben McCarthy, abc

From HR Service to Product Management

Ray Jaramis

After 2 years with Employment Hero, upskilling in Product Management is helping Ray design a scalable HR, payroll and benefits platform that promises to empower millions of Australians. Find out how Ray’s new skillset is helping him hatch a plan to make financial advice accessible to everyday Australians.

Ray Jaramis, Product Management Elevate

From Music Program Manager to Experience Designer

Simon Jankelson

From expanding the services of an Australian charity, to getting hired as a Human-Centred Designer, Simon’s decision to upskill in Design Thinking has enabled him to make bold changes in his career.

Simon Jankelson, Studied Design Thinking

Some frequently asked questions

Customer Experience refers to how customers interact with your business at every point in the customer journey, from the first moment they become aware of your brand on social media, to the service they receive from your customer support team.

Customer Experience is all about strategically planning and optimising every single interaction your customers have with your brand, leading to unforgettable experiences and a loyal customer base.

As a member of the Human-Centred Design (HCD) family, CX is closely tied to User Experience (UX) and Service Design. While UX and Service Design both take a look at the customer journey, CX goes a step further, focussing on the perceived value of the brand’s offering.

CX takes the concept of HCD and applies it to more than just design. Looking at how an organisation is structured, how it communicates with its customers, the strategies it employs to grow its business, and even considering how it treats its staff and stakeholders. If marketing and HCD had a baby, it would be CX.

Customer Experience has the potential to make or break a brand’s success. People qualified to apply data-driven insights and formulate CX strategies are a hot prospect for all those organisations seeking improved loyalty, a stronger brand and maximum revenue.

If you want to upskill or land a job right away, studying CX online can quickly get you to where you want to be. At Academy Xi, we offer intensive online programs that equip you with the full spectrum of theoretical and practical skills required in a well-rounded CX role.

In this course you’ll experience flexible and self-paced learning, where students cover course content independently and browse material on our engaging learning platform. You’ll learn through a combination of:

  • readings
  • pre-recorded videos
  • 1:1 support sessions
  • hands-on activities and practical project work
  • Q&A via chat and discussion boards

We offer three online course formats across design, tech and business that deliver a range of practical outcomes:

  • Transform courses teach job-ready skills and help you launch a new career
  • Elevate courses expand your existing skill set and progress your career
  • Foundations courses teach introductory skills and build a knowledge base

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