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Front-End Web Development: Elevate

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Boost your tech skills and learn how to build a fully functioning, interactive website from scratch.

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We’re launching a subscription model for all Elevate courses.

Academy Xi students now have the option to subscribe to our entire range of Elevate courses across all our portfolios for a monthly fee. Use this as a way to gain a wider digital skillset and give yourself an advantage as you compete for roles in the ever-changing employment landscape.

Our graduates are now the driving force behind some of Australia’s most innovative brands

Why choose this course?

No prerequisites or previous experience required

Launch your Front-End Web Development journey today, no matter what level of experience you have! Our beginner-friendly approach will help get you up to speed in no time.

Flexible and self-paced

With 6 months access, the speed at which you tackle online course content is up to you. Study at your own pace and fit learning into your busy lifestyle.

Created for Upskillers

Our Elevate courses help you boost your career with sought-after Front-End Web Development skills. Unlock higher salaries and job growth potential.

What your curriculum looks like

Upskill in Front-End Web Development within 6 months. You’ll work through interactive online course content at your own pace, and have the support of an industry mentor when you need it.

  • Learning Area 1
  • Learning Area 2
  • Learning Area 3
  • Learning Area 4
  • Learning Area 5

Learning Area 1

Recommended: 8-10 hours of study time

Local environment setup and CLI GIT
Understand how to set up and navigate your local environment, plus the importance of version control and tracking in web development.

  • Set up and become familiar with your local environment
  • Start using the terminal / Command Line Interface
  • Practice using Git for version control

Learning Area 2

Recommended: 15-20 hours of study time

Use Hypertext Markup Language or HTML, the building block of the web, to put content into a page – be it text, images, links or even videos.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Practice building pages using HTML
  • Create complex HTML pages using forms, semantic elements and HTML5 tags

Learning Area 3

Recommended: 15-20 hours of study time

Change the aesthetics of the HTML content on a web page using Cascading Style Sheets, playing with shape, colour, size and layouts. Learn how to go live and upload files to the web using FTP.

  • Style HTML web pages with CSS
  • Incorporate complex styling to make web pages responsive and appealing on various screens and displays
  • Advanced layouts – apply CSS flexbox and grid designs to display webpage content
  • Project 1: Host a static webpage

Learning Area 4

Recommended: 40-50 hours of study time

Get comfortable using the world’s most popular client-side scripting language, JavaScript, to make web pages interactive and engaging.

  • Learn the fundamentals, syntax and building blocks of JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript and the DOM to alter the content displayed on a webpage
  • JavaScript Data Structures – arrays and objects
  • Handle user actions on a web page through JavaScript events

Learning Area 5

Recommended: 10-15 hours of study time

Final Project
Bring your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills together and create an interactive, event-driven web page for your final project.

  • Review of program topics
  • Build and host a dynamic web page using JavaScript, events, HTML, and CSS
  • Present your final project
  • Graduation and looking ahead


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Work 1:1 with an industry expert

All Elevate students have access to an industry mentor as they progress through their course. Your mentor is an expert in the field and can provide insider tips and guidance on-demand.

Why study Front-End Web Development at Academy Xi?

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Student success stories

Our students come from different walks of life and have supercharged their careers, landing coveted jobs in the Design, Tech, and Marketing fields.

From Media Buyer to Experience Designer

Berlin Liew

Being introduced to UX design was a defining moment for Berlin; one that changed her career path and set her on a journey of self discovery. Berlin spoke with us about her experience studying UX Design and her ongoing passion for mentoring.

Berlin Liew, abc

From HR to Entrepreneur

Julie Dal Santo

After working for years in Human Resources, Julie was looking for something new to study to reclaim her ‘professional mojo’. Little did Julie know at the time, but training in User Experience Design was going to lead to her leaving her profession and starting up her own successful enterprise.

Julie Dal Santo, abc

From Cook to UX/UI Designer

Sanjay Jaya

Ten minutes after his interview, Jay got an offer: a dream job that’s a product of his learning experience, hard work, self-belief, and a little help from our career support team. Read about Jay’s professional journey and how he navigated his career path in a new industry and a new country.

Sanjay Jaya, abc

Some frequently asked questions

Everything that you interact with when you’re on a website, from fonts and colours to drop-down menus, make up what’s known as the ‘front-end’. Front-end developers create how a website or app looks, working closely with both designers and back-end developers. Ongoing, they write and maintain a website’s user-facing code, optimise page loading time and oversee the architecture to ensure the best user experience possible.

Web Developers are one of the most in-demand roles that Australian IT Managers are struggling to fill. COVID-19 demonstrated how vital technology has become to most organisations. As companies continue to modernise through digital transformation and require countless websites and digital services, the demand for people with web development skills has skyrocketed and will only continue to do so.

If you want to upskill or land a job right away, studying Front-End Web Development online can quickly get you to where you want to be. At Academy Xi, we offer intensive online programs that equip you with the full spectrum of theoretical and practical skills required in a well-rounded Front-End Web Developers. Our Career Support Program has a great track record, with 97% of our graduates landing jobs in related fields.

Academy Xi has leveraged curriculum from New York based tech education provider, Flatiron School, to bring you the Front-End Web Development: Elevate course.

Flatiron School has an impressive track record of delivering quality education since 2012. They have successfully graduated over 2,500 students and have won multiple awards for their proprietary tech education programs.

Our online courses come in three formats. No matter your learning preferences, work or life commitments, or support levels you require – we’ve got you covered.

To choose the right course format, pick your desired career outcomes:

  • Are you studying to transform your career? Our TRANSFORM courses will equip you with the latest industry skills and have you graduating job-ready, with an included Career Support Program.

  • Do you want to complement your existing skillset? Our ELEVATE courses will expand your expertise in a social and supported environment.

  • Do you just want to learn the fundamentals? Quench your curiosity, at your own pace with our FOUNDATIONS courses.

In this course you’ll experience flexible and self-paced learning, where students cover course content independently and browse material on our engaging learning platform. You’ll learn through a combination of:

  • Readings
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • 1:1 support sessions
  • Hands-on activities and practical project work
  • Q&A via chat and discussion boards

Have questions? We’re here to listen.

…and any other concerns!

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