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Social Media Marketing: Elevate

Enhance your career prospects and grow your brand or business with end-to-end social media marketing skills.

Course overview

What you’ll learn in this course

You’ll have 6 months access to all online course materials, enabling you to study at your own pace and fit your development around your busy lifestyle.

  •  What is Social Media Marketing 
  •  Benefits of Social Media Marketing 
  •  Overview of course projects
  •  Overview of key platforms, content types and audiences 
  •  Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter
  •  The basics of digital advertising
  •  The difference between organic and paid social media
  •  Ad placements on socials / where to place your ad
  •  Setting SMART goals
  •  Defining content pillars 
  •  The purpose of social
  •  Define your audience
  •  How to grow your social media audience
  •  Influencer marketing
  •  User-generated content
  •  What makes your audience like and share
  •  Different types of audience motivations on socials
  •  Strategies that drive engagement 
  •  Best platforms to use when selling on social media
  •  Social selling techniques and strategies
  •  Defining the content pillars
  •  Deciding on content types
  •  Creating content
  •  Cadence and scheduling
  •  Creating a content calendar
  •  Copy vs microcopy
  •  Scheduling tools
  •  Publishing best practices
  •  Basics of community management
  •  Social Media ROI
  •  Tracking social media ROI: clicks to website by source, email opt-ins by source, sales and landing pages 
  •  Understanding linear and time decay for socials
  •  Key metrics to measure 
  •  Benchmarks for success 
  •  Iterating your strategy based on performance data and insights
  •  Dark social
  •  Algorithms
  •  Staying current
  •  The role of a social media manager in the age of misinformation

Submit your workbook, content calendar and a recording of a five-minute presentation about your end-to-end social media strategy.

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Student success stories

4.6 star rating on Google

Our students come from different walks of life and have supercharged their careers, landing coveted jobs in the Design, Tech, and Marketing fields.

Imogen Abandowitz

Campaign Manager

Digital Marketing Elevate

With a background in International relations and languages, Imogen always knew she wanted to work in communications, with a people focus. Training in digital marketing has provided her with exactly that.
Read Imogen’s story
Brad Cluff

Brad Cluff

Motel Manager

Digital Marketing Transform

After moving back to his hometown and studying Digital Marketing, Brad transformed the bottom line of his family’s hospitality business – with numbers up by 70%.
Read Brad's story

Rati Marwah

Marketing Coordinator

Digital Marketing Transform

After a diverse career focused on customer service, Rati sought out a creative path in Digital Marketing. Find out how the Digital Marketing: Transform course helped Rati launch a new career in a field that ignites her passions.
Read Rati’s story

Frequently asked questions on Social Media Marketing

Frequently asked questions

Social Media Marketing is the practice of leveraging social media to promote brands, goods and services. Businesses of every kind use social channels to strike up conversations about a brand, attract followers and boost website traffic. 

The key to successful Social Media Marketing isn’t just increasing activity on social channels. Instead, Social Media Marketers will devise a content strategy that’s designed to encapsulate an audience, build interest in a brand and turn ‘likes’ into sales.

The average yearly salary as a Social Media Marketer in Australia is currently $93,500 (Indeed, 2022).

In this course you’ll experience flexible and self-paced learning, where students cover course content independently and browse material on our engaging learning platform.  You’ll learn through a combination of:

  •  Platform-based written and multimedia content
  •  In-house video content
  •  Course workbook
  •  Case studies
  •  Activities in each module
  •  Xi Expert feedback
  •  Xi Expert 1:1 sessions
  •  Links to additional resources

We offer three online course formats across design, tech and business that deliver a range of practical outcomes:

  •  Transform courses teach job-ready skills and help you launch a new career
  •  Elevate courses expand your existing skill set and progress your career
  •  Foundations courses teach introductory skills and build a knowledge base

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