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Design your very own Blockchain product on the Ethereum testnet
Understand how to extract, wrangle, and interpret data like a Data Scientist
Start your 10-week journey, transform your career and become a Growth Marketer.
Start your 10-week full-time journey, transform your career and become a UX Designer.
Master the techniques to unlock scalable and repeatable hockey stick growth as a growth marketer or entrepreneur.
Learn how to merge virtual and augmented worlds with Mixed Reality Design
Learning UX will give you the skills to identify usability problems and develop and design experiences that are effective and successful.
Learn creative ways to market to people, and not just users
Learning Service Design will give you skills, tools and techniques to craft customer-centred service experiences
Learning UX will give you the skills to identify usability problems and develop and design experiences that are effective, useful, desirable and successful.
Learn the valuable, industry-relevant tools to create Human-centred experiences and master the art of Service Design.
Learn how to lead and negotiate strategic discussions, drive the product vision and live in the mind of your customer.
Workshops and events to grow your mind and your skills.
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Our Team Training programs are short, focused, high-energy and customised to your team and business needs. Structured with a deliberate, interactive learning, your team engages with practical activities integrated into the content, learning new skills during the program. Our programs are designed to deliver the most effective, efficient and beneficial way to help your company create and retain value.

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What our students are saying

Helen Nias

Digital Content Producer

I’ve got a background in filmmaking and creative digital communications, and have been interested in VR since my first experience on a Rift in 2013. I was playing the long game when it came to VR because as a content creator, I feel that it’s inevitable that I will be working with the medium in the future. When I found the course at Xi I suddenly had the opportunity to jump into the future, and I’m very glad I took the chance and took the course.

After completing the course I feel confident that I have the skills needed to create really great VR experiences for companies and brands. My current role is very web focused, but I’m looking for new opportunities at the moment and focusing very much on roles and companies where there could be the opportunity to work on VR projects. I’m not being quiet about what I can do, either!

The Academy Xi Leaders and team have a genuine interest in seeing students evolve and in consistently improving the quality of the courses, and the industry involvement is invaluable.

Tim Alexander

Service Designer

Academy Xi gave me the support, knowledge and framework to take my design skills and apply them to solve larger, more systemic problems. The course gave me confidence that Service Design would be the next chapter of my design career.

Xi has such a great community vibe and everyone there really cares about your experience. You feel like you’re a part of something real and meaningful.

Student Jay Gray

Jay Gray

Experience Designer at ABC

Academy Xi taught me what real User Experience Design is. Not only did the instructors go above and beyond with each student but the teachers assistants, one off presenters and Academy Xi staff themselves helped prepare everyone.

The thought of intense learning for a full day for 10 weeks sounded difficult to me and I thought I’d struggle myself, but the team at Xi made learning fun and almost seem easy. With weekly homework and further reading I was able to push myself further and immerse myself whole-heartedly into this new kind of thinking. The course isn’t shy of on the spot exercises to further develop your skills as well as real life case studies and reading material. The course prepared me well for working in the field of User Experience Design and i’ve been happily recommending friends & peers to study at Xi.

Matthew Degiorgio

Web Developer / Drone Pilot Operator

Participating in this course I was not only able to get a great understanding of the technical aspects of the technology used within VR, I also gathered a in-depth understanding of the human experience and limitations that challenges VR today. In addition to this, the teachers, staff and guest speakers provided a progressive environment of information and networking opportunities to expand my knowledge and career progression in ways that would have not been possible without sitting this course.

With friendly personal staff, teachers and a comfortable environment that makes you feel right at home the total learning environment was a enjoyable experience.

Christina Theodore

Human Centred Design Team Lead

Academy Xi was instrumental in securing my dream role, so a big thank you to my instructor and my team mates! I was promoted to a service design role after three months as a project coordinator. Having the project that we worked on as a portfolio piece was critical to me gaining the role.

This course will expand your portfolio, your network and expose you to some amazing like-minded people. Be collaborative, inquisitive and open about your passions. The more you put into the course and interacting with your classmates, the more you get out of it.

Be collaborative, inquisitive, open about your passions and you will get a lot out of studying with Xi.
This course was instrumental in me securing a dream role, so a big thank you to Charbel and my team mates!

Student Angela Bee

Angela Bee Chan

Channel Marketing at APC by Schneider Electric, Founder of Hackathons Australia

Academy Xi crafted a very useful and practical course. I highly recommend it for people who have an interest in User Experience and design and wish to explore this further. The course enables you to explore an idea, conduct research, and be equipped with the skills to design and test a solution. I did my project on Hackathons Australia which has helped me define the problem in the hackathon space, pushed me to interview several stakeholders, and ultimately create an email and website which we now use. I’m very thankful to the team for the opportunity to do the course and hope others will benefit greatly from their experiences!

Benjamin Chen

Former Art Director now Freelance UX/UI Designer

I think what made me decide so instantly was because I like the small class approach, I feel connected to Academy Xi’s vision, and most importantly, I strongly feel this is the right time and right place to learn. As an institution that is teaching User Experience, Academy Xi has shown proven themselves as a school that always thinks from their student’s perspectives and understand their needs.

It’s a good opportunity to train your brain both logically and creatively. If you like problem solving and making a difference to your users and to the world, this is a good direction for you to take.

Andres Student

Andres Fabian

Senior Digital Art Director

I would definitely recommend Academy Xi. It’s the best way to immerse yourselves in the world of User Experience regardless of what your current role is. You’ll get to learn with a group of cool folks from all walks of life and learn from some of the smartest and most inspiring mentors you’ll ever have. The small number of the class makes an intimate and rewarding experience. Academy Xi’s curriculum highly focuses on UX and does not try to be anything more than that – which I found refreshing.

Having your assumptions and gut feelings confirmed with hard facts was a complete game changer for me. Also, understanding that I’m not always right and that even though user testing may seem like we’re testing humans – we’re testing our systems. No egos just pure empathy. I love this about Xi’s approach, not just towards UX but to teaching in general.

I feel I’ve made long lasting friendships in a short amount of time. I learnt that no matter how old I am I can still surprise myself and achieve work I can be proud of. Also, that passion will drive you to greatness.