The Business: Yifei Wang is the Founder and CTO of FitFun, an app that connects individuals and groups with a community of like-minded sports-lovers. Born out of the pandemic’s realisation that fitness doesn’t need to mean a gym, their goal is to help people to have fun and get in shape, one small step at a time.

The Challenge: Yifei and his team were struggling to understand whether FitFun was on the right track. They needed to better understand their target user including their needs, goals and pain points.

“We suspected we had a substantial potential user pool but, due to lack of proper research, we lacked the right insights.”

Without this deeper level of insight, they were having trouble moving confidently forward in refining their platform. They were keen to deliver value to their potential users but didn’t know how.

The Outcome: Academy Xi conducted market research to help understand FitFun’s true product/market fit. Through the collection of over 100 surveys, they were able to distill key insights around key components of their app. They could never have collected and synthesised this volume of data alone.

“Academy Xi helped us to synthesise the large volume of user research so that it properly informed our next phase of product optimisation. We now believe we are on the right path for high user growth.”

The Output:

  • Strong research and appraisal of product/market fit
  • Mined market data for clear, actionable insights
  • Created a strategy to strengthen user acquisition and avoid user churn
  • Analysed the user behaviour and conducted user testing
  • Conducted app feature analysis
  • Provided recommendations for UX UI optimisation

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