Our students' success stories

User experience design
Albert brunda
Studied: UX Elevate
Annemarie Sia
Studied: UX Transform
benjamin chen
Studied: UX Elevate
mark brenchley
Studied: UX Transform
lurnea simmons
Studied: UX Transform
roland wimbush
Studied: UX Elevate
sakib jalil
Studied: UX Transform
shaqaeq rezai
Studied: UX Transform
steve king
Studied: UX Transform
suely lu
Studied: UX Transform
troi ilsley
Studied: UX Transform
Vienna Chen
Studied: UX Transform
User interface design
Vera Kravchuk
Lead UX Designer at Academy Xi
Sheree Hanna
Design Lead (UX/Product)
digital marketing
Alex Handley
Studied: DM Elevate
lisa qi
Studied: DM Elevate
Amelia Zimmerman
Growth Marketer at Dominet Venture Partners
Andrew John
Growth Marketing Consultant, Director and Founder of Super Mammoth
Duncan Jones
Head of Acquisition at Cluey Learning
Lenny Manor
Growth Marketing Consultant
Luke Marshall
Marketing Consultant
Ollie De Vries
Digital Growth Strategy and Head of Acquisition Marketing at Web Profits
Tom Green
Growth Hacker and Advisory Board Member - Digital Transformation UX UI at Infoplum
Tyler Wilchek
Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at BoozeBud
Will Egan
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ausmed Education
William Wang
Chief Marketing Strategist at Growth Labz
graphic design
Lauren Austin
Visual Designer and Consultant (UX/UI)
service design
sarah forde
Studied: SD Elevate
tayla thompson
Studied: SD Foundations
tobias robinson
Studied: SD Elevate
George Kordas
Director of Design and Innovation at Innovation Union
Jenni Philippe
Founder and Director at CircleCo Consulting
Matt Kurowski
Senior Strategic and Service Designer
Susie Flynn
Service Designer, Capability Lead at RACV
Vito Tassone
Service Design Lead Instructor at Academy Xi
product management
Alex perron
Studied: PM Elevate
alexandra lee
Studied: PM Elevate
kwan chan
Studied: PM Elevate
Eddy Ku
Co-founder and Director of Innovation & Design
Edmund Munday
Product Owner, Cloud Adoption at StarRez, Inc
Jacques Groenewald
Product Owner at PaperCut Software
Olga Drobysheva
Product Manager at MYOB
data analytics
Felipe Rego
Data Science and Analytics Partner
Louis Liu
Data Scientist Chapter Lead at ANZ
mixed reality
Bachir El Khoury
Augmented Reality Designer and Director of Limpid Logic
Chuan Lim
Mixed Reality Producer and Director at LN_TAO
Lachlan Sleight
VR Developer at Pernickety Split
Paul Kouppas
Head of Innovation at Auggd
Samuel Tate
Spatial Director at PHORIA
Saxon Dixon
VR/AR Designer and Technical Artist
Murray Grange
Director of Agility, NoMoss
Prudhvi Teja
Director of Agility, NoMoss
Steven KH Ma
Chief Purpose Officer, NoMoss