Annemarie Sia

Product Designer at Xero

After completing an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design, Annemarie felt that it wasn’t the right career for her. Through a friend, she became exposed to Human-Centred Design which sparked an interest in UX, where the idea of designing an end-to-end customer experience seemed really exciting.

In pursuit of this interest, Annemarie decided to study UX, where she enjoyed the opportunity to delve into UX principles and apply learning through four client projects, effectively helping her build out a UX portfolio. One of her client projects involved working with social-impact organisation, StartOut. StartOut supports Diverse Sexuality Gender (DSG) individuals through a network of mentors and donations. Creating real impact was one of the most rewarding experiences for Annemarie while studying UX.

What were you doing before Academy Xi?

“I completed my Bachelors in Industrial Design but couldn’t find a job that I was interested in. I worked part time in retail and felt sort of lost and feeling worried about my future.”

What are you doing now?

“Currently I work at a creative agency — Leo Burnett as a Graduate UX Designer and I love it!”

What would you say to someone considering taking the UX/UI Transform course?

“Sometimes you just have to take that first step and go against the flow. Be fearless and go to information sessions on topics you want to learn more about. I feel that the course not only provided me with the tools, it also helped me grow as a person and become a better team player.

The UX course has been amazing. It has been the best course I’ve ever done. Our instructor, Ben, is very knowledgeable and approachable. Academy Xi’s diverse, inclusive nature is really caring and allows us to flourish and be our true selves while working with real-life clients.

Through this course, you not only learn skills to become a UX Designer, but you also learn skills on how to become a better person.”

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