Albert Brunda

Senior Product Designer at Canva

Course taken: UX/UI Design Transform

In what seemed like a marvellous coincidence or a case of serendipity, Albert got in touch with a friend who was studying User Experience Design (UX) at Academy Xi. Albert subsequently became involved with the UX project his friend was working on and it was here that he developed a passion for pursuing a career with the sole focus of driving positive impact.

With a newly ignited spark for UX, Albert decided to work whilst taking up the UX course part-time. During the UX course, Albert tapped into his networks on LinkedIn and ended up landing himself a role as a UX Designer at Xplor. Working for a startup has given Albert the freedom and flexibility to creatively pursue his interest in UX in a meaningful way.

Studying UX Design at Academy Xi is amazing. I think most people don’t realise they’re doing UX when completing research for or generating personas. Academy Xi equipped me with the tools and processes of how to solve problems.