Benjamin Chen

Benjamin Chen

Professional background: Advertising and Digital Design

Studied at Academy Xi: UX Design Course

Studying UX design seemed like a natural progression for Ben, who as a designer, had to put himself into the user’s shoes and think about how design would catch users’ attention and assist them. By consistently consuming knowledge about UX and UI Design, Ben became hungry to learn more and as such decided to take his UX Design skills to another level.

Throughout the course, Ben’s biggest learning was to always go back to understanding the problem and solving the user’s pain points.

I am solving and what the user’s pain point is. After completing the UX course, Ben’s priorities have shifted towards validating users and business problems before jumping into the solution.

Interview with Benjamin Chen

I felt connected to Academy Xi’s vision and liked the small class approach. Xi always thought from a student’s perspective and needs. If you like problem-solving and making a difference, UX a good direction to take

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