Lurnea Simmons

Lurnea Simmons

Professional background: User Experience Design Consultant

Studied at Academy Xi: User Experience Design Course

Currently Working at: Objective Experience

Coming from continuous improvement and management roles within the insurance industry, Lurnea made the transition into User Experience Design. After undertaking both UX and Service Design courses at Xi, Lurnea became a mentor which cemented her knowledge on Human-Centred Design. Lurnea is passionate about creating experiences that are memorable for all the right reasons. Her purpose is to cultivate exceptional leadership that engages teams and inspires them to discover their potential.

Interview with Lurnea Simmons

Always friendly and welcoming! The community at Academy Xi and the environment they create for learning and expanding your horizons is exactly what is needed when you are looking to gain new skills. For me the courses were an adventure and investment in my development I’ll always value and have gained immensely from.

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