The Business: Founded in 2018, Threshold brings the delight and wonder of theatre into people’s homes. Tahlin Corin is a co-founder of the business and she works with theatre-makers to create experiences that invite people to connect more deeply with each other.

The Challenge: To create a simpler user experience for Threshold’s online audience whilst needing to continue to operate with legacy platforms.

“When we were connected with Academy Xi, we breathed a great sigh of relief that people who understood the importance of the customer journey could investigate, research and present options back to us to bring that up to speed.”

The Outcome: With dedicated UX UI help from Academy Xi, the team at Threshold appraised their website experience thoroughly. Through investigation and research support, they found a better way to guide their customers through the online journey. The first engagement the customer now has with Threshold is cleaner. The various products that are showcased on the website – from audio theatre experiences to analogue treasure hunts – are now all connected seamlessly.

The process also emphasised the importance of considering the Threshold customer right from the beginning. With four new works coming out this year, this is something that the business has embedded to ensure they are set up for future success.

“The [Academy Xi students] weren’t out to be showy, they were out to solve the problem.”

Key Outputs:

  • Identified user issues via a comprehensive website analysis
  • Streamlined the customer journey
  • Optimised the website aesthetics
  • Opened up future opportunity for B2C distribution
  • Embedded UX learnings to carry forward into new website and product development
  • Instilled a customer experience mindset

“Coming from theatrical backgrounds, our digital nous was fairly limited”

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