The Business: Founded by McKinsey in 2014, Generation Australia is reimagining the education to employment pathway. They develop educational programs to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Malcolm Kinns (CEO) and his team support adults of all ages—whether unemployed, underemployed, or needing to learn new skills—can connect to the training, support, and jobs to change their path. On the other side of the equation are businesses who are experiencing a wide range of employer challenges – skilled talent shortages, lacklustre on-the-job performance, reskilling needs, and higher turnover in important roles. The Generation model seeks to spark lasting change not only in the lives of their graduates but in the employment system as a whole.

The Challenge: Generation Australia had identified web development as a huge growth area in terms of future employment prospects. Although keen to see a program in the software engineering space brought to life, the team were looking for the right partner to help them achieve this.

“We were looking for a partner who had expertise in the domain itself but who was also very values aligned. We needed them to be able to deliver a quality program but also understand deeply the purpose behind it – and Academy Xi fitted both of those bills”

The Outcome: A co-designed technical training program for Junior Web Developers. The program allowed for the hallmarks of an Academy Xi learning experience to shine through – hands-on projects, access to mentorship and employability skills development – whilst being made accessible to a new audience. The program also crucially includes support in securing and training for interviews to ensure that all graduates gain meaningful employment after they complete the course.

“All of our programs with Academy XI are 70+ on net promoter score (NPS) scores which isn’t just industry-leading but a long way ahead of benchmarks”

The Results:

  • The number of people who have been supported into tech careers has increased has increased year on year.
    • 2020: 150 people completed the program
    • 2021: 400 people completed the program
    • 2022: 800+ people expected to complete the program
  • Consistent 70+ NPS scores which is well above benchmarks for the education industry
  • The earning capacity of graduates in some cases increased x5 as a result of completing the program and entering a growth employment area

“We are incredibly proud of how we have ensured a supportive environment for our participants. The program has been life-changing. This is something we can be genuinely proud of because the impact, not only on the individual but also on their family and community, is massive.”

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