The challenge: Upskill various PwC teams in key fields of emerging design and technology. Having grown rapidly through the acquisition of digital design and strategy companies, PwC had two goals: to build capability, and to align the newly acquired companies through the use of consistent and repeatable processes.

The outcome: The Digital Summer School Series. Through a series of team training sessions, employees across Sydney and Melbourne aligned their processes and methodologies in areas of digital literacy, human-centred design and emerging technology. 

Learners leveraged a series of playbooks and toolkits to embed learnings. Having tangible assets supported a consistent and rapid project approach across the organisation.

Bringing new knowledge, techniques, and thought leadership into the program, we implemented a team training series to help align teams as they navigated the complexity that comes with growth. 

Utilising the natural tapering off of business towards Christmas, we recommended creating a program that took advantage of this seasonally quiet time. When client work quietened down, we found the perfect time for staff training in business-critical areas. 

Key outputs:

  • Team training in agility to adapt to a changing market
  • Consistency in organisational process and approach
  • Team and departmental alignment
  • Increased efficiency to achieve goals
  • Staff training and new skills acquisition
  • Broader employee development
  • Greater confidence in emerging areas
  • Higher employee motivation and morale
  • Enhanced productivity during a seasonally quiet period

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