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Since 2019, Academy Xi has been a Digital Jobs training provider, working with the Victorian Government. We are currently delivering the Product Management course for their Digital Jobs participants.

Digital Jobs connects businesses with talented, mid-career workers with up-to-date skills to build your business’s digital capability.

Through this $63.8 million Victorian Government program, businesses can select from this unique talent pool and receive a $5,000 wage subsidy for each 12-week work placement or entry level job offered to program participants.

Most participants are over 30 years of age, and more than half are women. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring experience from a wide range of sectors – and they’re ready to help your business thrive.

With the Product Management course, participants complete a 12-week industry recognised course delivered by Academy Xi.

Anthea Corrigan and Digital Jobs graduate John Austin at Ltd.

“The people we’ve had through the program so far have brought their maturity, life skills, previous work experiences and a real passion to learn and to grow their career in a digital space. They’ve also been able to contribute to our business in ways we didn’t expect. It means they’re able to jump into a project and be a part of the team from day one.”
– Anthea Corrigan, General Manager of People Partnering at Ltd.

Learn how your business can benefit from the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program at the next business information session on Wednesday, 8 February, 10-11am.

Participants of Academy Xi’s Product Management course benefit from:

  • Premium material built in-house, with inputs from industry experts working at MYOB, PwC and Deloitte
  • Practical experience that they can immediately use in their job
  • 60-80 hours of course content and activities over 12 weeks
  • Complete hands-on activities in each module
  • Build product backlog in Jira, create user stories and complete a simulated Agile sprint challenge
  • Understand what customers really want, and ship better designed and higher performing products
  • Dual focus on both product strategy and day-to-day product management skills
  • Gain the leadership and persuasion skills expected of today’s Product Managers
  • Hear real battle stories, case studies and tips from practising Product Managers

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