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Course overview

With its 40% growth rate, Digital Marketing is a booming field and the backbone of brand and business growth.

This course is ideal if you’re curious about this in-demand discipline and want to quench your curiosity by learning its fundamentals.

Learn on your terms:

  • Fully flexible and self-paced course
  • Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere
  • Browse material on our engaging learning platform
  • Optional reading and activities to cement your learning

Packed with industry-relevant content:

  • Up to date with the latest platforms and tools
  • 30 hours of content and activities 
  • Dynamic and engaging material, full of rich media assets
  • Premium content built in-house by experts 
  • Receive an industry-recognised Certificate of Completion

The best way to learn is by doing:

  • Work on various activities throughout the course
  • Work on a Digital Marketing campaign
  • Start building your portfolio 

Course timeframe

It will take you approximately 30 hours to complete the topics, activities, and portfolio project preparation. 

What you'll learn

Understand the Digital Marketing landscape and how it drives business strategies and practices across industries. You’ll start to understand how and where to target your audience. Here you’ll explore:

  • An introduction to Digital Marketing and its concepts
  • Behavioural psychology
  • The difference between customer acquisition and retention

Gain knowledge of how to construct and execute a strategy for a number of different Digital Marketing channels including:

  • Paid search
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Website and API integration

Get an overview of User Experience (UX) Design and Product Management fundamentals and learn about the role each discipline plays in Digital Marketing. Understand your customer and learn UX principles to create user-intuitive landing pages and websites that convert.

  • An introduction to UX and Product Management
  • An introduction to CRM, including automation
  • Websites, landing pages, and conversion rate optimisation

Learn how to use content to maximise growth and brand awareness. You’ll understand the difference between content writing and content marketing strategy, and you’ll learn about:

  • Content planning
  • Content production 
  • Content distribution

Discover the ins and outs of creating a Digital Marketing campaign and learn how to monitor the results of your campaign through a variety of metrics:

  • Create a marketing rollout plan
  • Learn how to monitor platforms, channels, and interactions

Become a data-driven Marketer and learn to identify the metric that matters most. Understand the principles of data-driven analytics through Google and the difference between business metrics and vanity metrics.

  • Collect, use, and analyse data with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Data Studio and Google Trends
  • Generate data-driven insights

Explore how emerging technologies are influencing the future of marketing. 

Curate your final artefacts from the course activities to demonstrate your Digital Marketing knowledge and skills. Your mentor will review it and provide structured feedback.

Who this course is for

There are no prerequisites required for this course. It is ideal for:

  • Students who want to learn the basics of Digital Marketing concepts, frameworks and tools.
  • Students interested in a fully flexible short-course, where they can learn independently and at their own pace.

Earn a digital credential

We partner with Credly to deliver digital credentials for our graduates. Digital credentials are a graphical representation of your skills, combined with a description of the knowledge and activities it took to earn them. 

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

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