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Digital Marketing: Elevate




12 weeks, part-time

8 Aug 2022 - 24 Oct 2022

Course overview

The demand for digital marketing skills is rising exponentially in Australia, with over 21% projected job growth* in five years.  Complement your professional expertise and boost your career with in-demand Digital Marketing skills.

This online course will equip you with a solid toolkit of Digital Marketing approaches and techniques, so you can run effective digital marketing campaigns and implement new skills immediately in your current job.

Industry-relevant content:

  • Premium material built in-house by experienced learning designers, guided by industry experts
  • 60-80 hours of course content and activities over 12 weeks
  • Learn the end-to-end digital campaign management process, from setting campaign objectives and creating customer personas, to channel selection and data-driven optimisation 
  • Get exposure to the whole gambit of digital channels: search marketing, SEO, display, email automation and social media 
  • Discover how adjacent disciplines like UX Design, Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience can influence your digital marketing campaigns

Hands-on practical learning:

  • This course is extremely hands-on, with a slew of activities and challenges in each module to make sure you practice as you go
  • Design and implement a complete digital marketing strategy and campaign for you own personal business or brand 
  • Walk away with a unique project portfolio to showcase your skills to potential employers
  • Apply newly acquired digital marketing skills immediately in your job

A highly supported experience: 

  • Stay on track with fixed deadlines and group video classes, while enjoying some flexibility in how you pace your weekly activities
  • Weekly mentor-led live video sessions, held after work hours to facilitate classroom discussions, guest lectures and bring the content to life
  • Two 1:1 sessions with your mentor for tailored support, available on demand 
  • Entire teams dedicated to your support and progression through the course

A social and collaborative learning environment:

  • Access course content through our easy to use online learning platform which makes learning interactive and engaging, and allows for peer engagement
  • Cohort-based: go through the course at the same pace as all other students  
  • Collaborate with your classmates on Digital Marketing projects, grow together, and expand your network

Earn trusted and recognised credentials:

  • On completion of this course, you can add an industry trusted digital credential to your LinkedIn profile
  • Get ready for world-renowned certifications** from Facebook and Google

* Source: Labour Market Information Portal

**All Certifications are optional & require some self study. Additional fees apply for the Facebook Certification.

Course timeframe

This course takes approximately 60-80 hours over 12 weeks. This time frame includes getting through the learning materials, attending live video sessions, participating in 1:1 mentoring sessions, completing the course activities, developing your personal project, and communicating with your peers and mentor.

What you'll learn

Explore what digital marketing is and how it differs from traditional marketing. Look at the most important skills for digital marketers and delve into some behavioural psychology and digital marketing concepts. Kick off your personal project. 


  • Digital Marketing and its concepts
  • Behavioural psychology and consumer decision making 
  • Brand Identity and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Understand your competitors: positioning, pricing & campaigns 

Learning activities

  • Define your personal project, conduct brand research & define USPs
  • Perform a competitor analysis and audit

Optional tools: Google Alerts, SpyFu, AccuRanker, Hootsuite or Buzzsumo for competitor analysis

Start to shape your campaign, making decisions on objectives and success metrics. Get to know your customers and create a persona. Begin to visualise your campaign as a whole and how it will be experienced.


  • S.M.A.R.T campaign objectives
  • Campaign success metrics
  • Customer research
  • Creating customer personas
  • Selecting the right marketing channels
  • Designing customer journey maps
  • Campaign Management

Learning activities

  • Define your campaign objective
  • Define success metrics
  • Create your customer persona
  • Build a customer journey map
  • Decide on your campaign budget and schedule

Optional tools/ platforms: Xtensio & Canva for user profiles; Funnelytics and Geru for customer journey maps; Asana or Google Sheets for campaign planning

Explore search marketing and digital display, learning how to gain exposure among a crowd of 4.2 billion webpages. Learn how search engines work and how to run Google ads, targeting the right audience with keyword research as well as how to improve your website’s search ranking through SEO strategies. 


  • Introduction to Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC
  • Keyword research planning
  • Measuring the success of a PPC campaign
  • Display advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improvements

Learning activities

  • Search research: audit your brand’s search visibility 
  • Create a keyword research plan 
  • Conceptualise and create a Display/Google Ad
  • Perform an SEO Audit and plan for improvements

Optional tools: Wordstream, UberSuggest or Ahrefs for keyword research; Canva or Google Ads to create your Google ad

Learn how to tap into audiences on social media, gaining exposure and engagement on the platforms. Dig into audience demographics, strategies for each primary platform as well as common pitfalls to avoid.


  • Social Media and its application to marketing 
  • Building a social media strategy
  • Social media marketing #fails case study
  • Platform-specific attributes, users and best-practices: 
    • Facebook (including Facebook advertising)
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn & Twitter
    • Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube

Learning activities

  • Audit your brand’s social media presence
  • Develop a social media strategy for your project
  • Create a social media post or ad

Tools: The basics of the social platforms are included in the content. You’ll be provided with additional resources/videos if you want to delve into the platforms/ad managers in more depth.

Understand the strategic role of content in marketing, identifying how content marketing fits into the customer journey. Learn how to select and create engaging content as well as best practice around distribution and amplification. You’ll create a piece of content in a format of your choice. 


  • Content marketing principles 
  • Types of content
  • Content planning
  • Best practices for content creation
  • How to write good copy
  • Content distribution and outreach 
  • Influencer marketing

Learning activities

  • Brainstorm content ideas for your campaign
  • Create a content marketing piece
  • Create your content distribution list
  • Add influencers to your content distribution strategy

Optional tools: Buzzsumo, Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, Quora or Ahrefs for content research

Determine how email marketing and email automation fits into your campaign. Conduct consumer and competitor research to define and create an email strategy that fits your customer journey map. 


  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Email best-practice
  • Marketing automation: email and sms
  • Email automation & technology: Segmentation, personalisation & A/B testing
  • Designing a marketing email

Learning activities

  • Competitor email analysis
  • Create your campaign’s  email strategy
  • Create an email for your campaign

Optional tools: MailChimp, BEE or Campaign Monitor for email creation

Understand the importance of CX in increasing perceived value, identify what makes a great customer experience and Implement CX principles into your campaign. Learn how UX design principles and AI can influence your customer journey. 


  • Customer Experience (CX) principles
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms
  • Designing landing pages
  • User Experience design (UX) principles in a digital marketing context
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learning activities

  • Brainstorm how to embed CX principles in your campaign
  • Research and analyse a competitor’s landing page
  • Create a landing page
  • Brainstorm where AI could play a role in your customer journey

Optional tools: Leadpages to create a landing page

Learn how to collect and report on data to unearth trends that drive optimisations to your campaigns for greater conversions.


  • Collecting data
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Pulling reports
  • Building campaign reports
  • Analysing campaign performance

Learning activities

  • Identify a list of data sources for measuring your campaign performance
  • List the Google Analytics reports to use in your campaign
  • Create a campaign report

Tools: Google Analytics, Excel or Google Sheets

Hone your presentation skills to gain stakeholder buy in, presenting your rational and strategy in a clear and easily digestible manner.


  • Digital marketing presentations
  • Visual presentation skills
  • Verbal presentation skills
  • Written presentation skills

Learning activities:

  • Prepare your final presentation

Complete and present your digital marketing strategy and campaign, gaining feedback from your Mentor. Package your project into a portfolio piece to demonstrate your skill set. 


  • Project milestones: The finish line
  • After your studies
    • Resources to help you apply for Digital Marketing roles
    • Additional resources on the future of Digital Marketing

Learning activities:

  • Export your completed workbook
  • Present your digital marketing campaign and receive feedback

Who this course is for

If you’re looking for a practical online digital marketing course with mentor support and classmate collaboration, this course is for you. Our Digital Marketing Elevate course has no prerequisites and is ideal for:

  • Marketing professionals who want to boost career prospects, explore a new role or land a promotion with in-demand digital marketing skills
  • Traditional marketing leaders looking to manage a team of digital marketers or work with external agencies, and wanting to upskill fast
  • Digital marketers who want to formalise their skills with an industry-recognised certificate
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use digital marketing strategies to grow their business
  • Anyone new to marketing and looking to get intermediate level, practical digital marketing training

Earn a digital credential

We partner with Credly to deliver digital credentials for our graduates. Digital credentials are a graphical representation of your skills, combined with a description of the knowledge and activities it took to earn them. 

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

For more info, click here.

Student portfolios

Check out our students’ personal projects as they showcase what they are passionate about. 



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