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The bedrock for the survival of a company is in its ability to acquire customers, grow, and of course scale. It’s a common misconception that big companies like Atlassian, Canva, or Buffer must have spent millions on marketing to acquire their customers. Like all startups, they started from the ground up with zero-to-little budget for marketing activity. So how did they build traction and scale? Enter the discipline of Growth Marketing.

In our 10-week course, Growth Marketing Transform, learn the actionable skills and tools you need to scale and transform your startup. Add Growth Marketer to your title and master the techniques to unlock scalable and repeatable hockey stick growth.

  Learn from the best

Developed and taught by industry experts who are at the top of their game, you’ll learn from a number of inspirational, capable, and well-respected Growth practitioners.

  Meet the right people

We provide our students with an extensive network of local and global industry connections. We work closely with experts from high-growth startups like Spaceship, Simply Wall St, Koala Mattress, and GlamCorner. Meet prospective employers and industry influencers at our networking events and feel supported by our tight-knit community.

  Industry experience

You’ll work in a mirrored version of a startup environment. This means you’ll build portfolio-ready projects that communicate to employers and/or investors that you’re ready to launch or scale. You’ll learn and practice industry-relevant skills, gaining insights from top Growth Marketers. Leverage the connections you acquire from the clients you work with and walk away with techniques to unlock repeatable and scalable growth.

  Get hired

We provide you with ongoing career support throughout and after your learning journey to ensure you’re immediately employable. We provide the solid foundations to build out your career in Growth Marketing with advice and support, interview training, and professional portfolio projects. Our alumni receive exclusive internal learning opportunities and perks, networking events, and access to valuable industry connections.

This course is for

There are no prerequisites for this course. We only ask you have an interest and willingness to learn and elevate your skills. As this course is immersive in nature, you will be required to complete a number of activities outside of class hours.

  • Curious: you’ve heard of Growth Marketing before and now you want to understand how it applies to your industry, personal project, or career
  • Traditional Marketers: you already understand the traditional techniques of a marketer and now you want to build your skills in growth, data-driven, and experimental approaches
  • Digital Marketers: you’ve focused on customer acquisition, but now you want to understand how to unlock constant cycles of growth through all phases of the sales/product funnel
  • Content Marketers: you know how to market content and you have a great understanding of social media. Now, you want to understand the whole marketing funnel, not just for content curation, but for the whole business
  • Entrepreneurs: you need to validate your business idea, launch your startup, or grow your business, but you need extra skills to succeed
What you'll learn
  • Introduction to Growth Marketing

    Understand how successful startups have accelerated their growth by creating what Growth Marketers call the: “growth engine.”

  • PPC and Paid Social

    Gain traction through paid social media channels and learn how to use the Facebook Advertising Platform.

  • SEO and Content Marketing

    Transition from SEO beginner to SEO practitioner. Learn how to use content to maximise growth and brand awareness.

  • Email Marketing

    Become proficient in the art of email marketing and understand how to engage your customers throughout their journey.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Learn how to utilise powerful conversion rate optimisation techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your existing traffic.

  • Analytics: Become a data-driven marketer

    Learn why it’s important to be data-driven and understand the principles of LEAN analytics.

  • App Promotion & Marketing

    Learn industry-leading techniques for both organic and paid app marketing.

  • Customer Psychology and Writing For Persuasion

    Discover behavioural triggers used to attract your customers and hook them to your product or service.

  • Intro to User Experience Design and Product Management

    Introduce yourself to User Experience Design (UX) and Product Management to understand the role these disciplines play in Growth Marketing.

  • Growth Hacks and Virality

    Learn about clever growth hacks used by many of the worlds most successful startups.

Learn more
Career outcomes

Testing and Experimenting

  • Utilise conversion rate optimisation tactics
  • Create a growth strategy for your business
  • Learn how to create powerful growth hacks


  • Learn how to implement the Bullseye Framework
  • Identify your North Star metric
  • Learn how to transform data into actionable insights
  • Gain insights into customer behaviour and psychology and how to apply these principles to your customer’s journey
  • Build your ‘T’ Shape and specialisation areas
  • Learn app store optimisation techniques

Writing and Marketing

  • Understand the role of content and inbound marketing in business
  • Learn how to create a content strategy
  • Learn how to write sales-driven copy
  • Understand the role UX and Product Marketing plays in Growth Marketing objectives


  • Learn how to build a growth engine Plan and implement short and long-term channel strategies
  • Learn how to use email marketing automation techniques
  • Create customer referral programs that scale
  • Attend a pitch night and to showcase your idea to investors
  • Industry and networking night with hiring managers from startups
  • Visit local startups and understand the day-to-day challenges they face
  • Attend masterclasses held by industry professionals



Samuel Cleophas - Academy Xi Alumni

Growth at Sourcr | Recruitment Marketplace

A word to describe the Growth Marketing course here at Xi, would be ‘illuminating’. I was struck by the sheer scope of the field. Structured introductions to the vast array of concepts, tools, and theories were followed by deep dives based on the students needs and interests. It felt as if I had the ability to explore the subject with incredible freedom. This heuristic approach to learning was especially engaging and seriously fun. A journey I’m beyond happy to have taken alongside my fantastic teachers.

Josephine North

Senior Account Manager at Republic of Everyone

The growth marketing course was truly a life-changing experience. Thanks to an amazing mentor/teacher, a supportive academy community and very talented fellow students, I was able to fulfil a dream – to start my own sustainability project. I am now seeing the results, both in the success of the project and in my own capacities professionally and as an individual. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an entrepreneurial idea and would like to explore it, learning all about growth marketing as you apply it to your project. Thanks Academy XI!


Andrew John

Founder of Super Mammoth & Growth Marketing Lead Instructor at Academy Xi

Andrew is the Founder of Super Mammoth, a Growth Marketing Consultancy and Training company. With over seven years experience in marketing and analytics, Andrew has worked for a multitude of companies from corporates, to agencies, and startups.

Alongside his technical experience, Andrew has planned and executed multi-million dollar campaign strategies that have helped well-known global businesses enter the Australian market.

“I get to do meaningful work for companies that are changing the world and enriching people’s lives.”

Next course dates and fees
10 weeks | Monday to Friday
28/05/2018 to 03/08/2018
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
$10,000 AUD

Academy Xi,
66-68 Devonshire Street,
Surry Hills,
NSW 2010