Upskill in Graphic Design in 12 weeks

Learn graphic design and gain industry-recognised credentials in this highly supported and practical 12-week, online course.


No need to spend years and a hefty price tag to learn Graphic Design – gain the skills and the portfolio in just 12 weeks. 

Our new Graphic Design online course is a professional development short course that will boost your career with industry-recognised credentials and practical take-aways. You’ll learn the core concepts, techniques, tools and mindset required to design slick visual assets.

Graphic Designers are hired based on their practical experience and portfolio – which is why our course equips you with solid hands-on experience. Throughout the course you’ll tackle several briefs and activities across various mediums and you can start building your portfolio, to showcase your approach, problem solving skills and graphic design expertise to employers.

Never feel like you’re studying alone. As this course is class-based, you start the course and go through the topics at the same pace as all other students. Through fortnightly live sessions, private “on-demand” consultations with your mentor, and regular opportunities to interact with your classmates, this is a socially-connected and interactive online learning environment that will help you stay on track, motivated and progress faster.

Why learn Graphic Design

Companies across all industries are constantly on the hunt for people with graphic design skills to help them craft thoughtfully design assets that build brand recognition, strengthen their point of difference, and delight customers.

Upskilling in graphic design opens a career path full of opportunities, rewards and personal fulfillment. It’s a passion job where you can solve problems you care about, shifting perspectives through powerful visual communications. Graphic Designers enjoy true flexibility by choosing how, where and when you work. It’s also a future proof career that will remain in demand, as creativity can never be automated.

Boost your career with a practical course in graphic design, design thinking and Human-Centered Design. Learn the technical and conceptual skills required to execute your ideas, producing effective and inspirational graphic design work today!

Why study with us online?


  Industry-recognised certifications
Boost your CV or LinkedIn profile with an industry-recognised digital credential and certification.

 High-quality content
Our courses are created exclusively in-house by learning designers, with inputs from industry experts, recruiters and students. 

 Taught by leading industry practitioners
We hand-pick our instructors to guarantee their in-depth experience, both in the field and in the online classroom. 


 Learn by doing
Implement your skills by working on practical activities throughout each topic. 

 Build your portfolio
Demonstrate your problem-solving skills, approach, and outcomes to current or future employers. 


Start the course and go through the topics at the same pace as all other students to connect and work collaboratively on activities.

 Weekly live sessions with Q&A
Access exclusive live content, unpick design challenges with your mentor and classmates, and listen to live presentations from industry experts.

 Mentor on-demand
Book 1:1 sessions* with your mentor to seek clarity and receive personalised feedback.
*Limit of two consultations per student

 Alumni benefits
Gain access to our alumni-exclusive events and Slack channel with job offers, career guidance and networking opportunities. Receive discounts on your future courses and a credit when you refer a friend.

Who this course is for

There are no prerequisites to enrol. We welcome students from all levels and professional backgrounds. 

Our Graphic Design Online Intermediate course is ideal for:

  • Beginners as well as those with a basic understanding of design
  • People looking for a mentor-led professional development graphic design course with in-depth coverage of the theory and practice
  • Students who want to understand the mindset and toolkit of Human-Centred Design for visual communication and graphic design
  • A range of learners seeking to visually communicate in their professional context or introduce graphic design best practice to their day-to-day job
  • Anyone looking for a practical online course where they can develop a graphic design project, delivered to scheduled deadlines, in line with industry-standards
  • Working professionals who want to enrich their career and experience with in-demand graphic design skills
  • Anyone looking to increase their salary, job opportunities, or job responsibilities in the field of graphic design


What you’ll learn

Learning outcomes

By the end of this Graphic Design Online Intermediate course, you will:

  • Gain a holistic, end-to-end understanding of graphic design principles and core elements
  • Understand how to apply Human-Centred Design principles and practices to graphic design
  • Apply a toolkit of techniques to create visual messages that convey information and ideas across multiple formats and channels
  • Design brand collaterals that elicit emotional connections and responses from target audiences
  • Drive the development of innovative visual communication formats through experimentation and testing
  • Apply colour, typography, and composition fundamentals to practical exercises
  • Create a visual language using symbols and typography
  • Create a style guide for a brand
  • Develop a portfolio of design assets and learn how to present your rationale convincingly

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Course fees and dates

24 Aug 2020 ~ 11 Nov 2020


12 weeks online study

$3,000 AUD
Online, intake-based
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