Become a multi-skilled, certified Digital Marketer in 10 weeks

Transform yourself and your career in this 10-week immersive program.

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Academy Xi’s new Digital Marketing Transform course will help you land a coveted job in digital marketing and drive growth initiatives to sustainably scale up your business, in any industry.

After 10 weeks of full-time, immersive course, you’ll master the core concepts, techniques and tools of digital marketing and growth hacks to scale up your business.

You’ll gain practical experience by working with real clients, stakeholders and deadlines, and expand your knowledge to relevant related disciplines such as User Experience Design, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

You’ll have the option to pass 3 world-recognised certifications (Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification*; Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display Certification) and will receive Academy Xi’s digital certification to bolster your CV. 

We’ve got a proven track record of success, with 90% of our active alumni receiving a job offer (T&Cs apply).


Why learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing should be used by any smart marketers and forward-thinking businesses who want to generate impressive outcomes.

People with skills in digital marketing are more valuable than ever before, across all industries. In a crowded marketplace, brands need talent who can devise and implement strategies to compete for customers’ attention and reach them where they spend the majority of their time and money: on the internet and digital channels.

At the end of this career transformation course, you’ll be a “no brainer” hire, mastering the skills to generate leads, drive brand awareness, acquire new customers and maximise ROI. You’ll be able to confidently apply for some of the 6,000 roles advertised in Australia (Seek), with an average salary of $109,000 (Glassdoor).

As a small business or startup owner, this course will teach you how to compete with bigger and more famous brands with a much smaller advertising budget. It’ll also equip you with the tools, mindset and hacks to identify the most efficient ways to grow and scale up your business in a sustainable way.


Why study with us

Focus on employability

  • Job Guarantee: Go from beginner to hired, guaranteed (T&Cs apply). Receive dedicated career guidance, access our industry hiring partners, and land you dream role.
  • Field trips and networking: Visit workplaces, meet with industry experts to widen your network and explore the types of environments you see yourself working and thriving in.
  • Mingle with recruiters and industry leaders: Be ready to head into the industry, or to meet your new investor, by showcasing your work to recruiters, and companies looking for talent.
  • Alumni benefits: Gain access to our alumni-exclusive events and Slack channel with job offers, career guidance and networking opportunities. Receive discounts on your future courses and a credit when you refer a friend.

 Industry-recognised education

  • World-recognised certifications: Bolster your CV with Facebook* and Google certifications – some of the highest level of accreditation recognised in the digital marketing industry. *Additional fees apply for the Facebook certification.
  • Our course is backed by our partners at ADMA: With this seal of quality on your CV, current or future employers will be assured of the quality of your training. Plus, our alumni receive a 20% discount on ADMA courses to cement their learning journey.
  • Earn a digital credential: Receive a digital credential to recognise your skills and boost your employability by offering a tangible evidence of your expertise to future employers.
  • Taught by leading industry practitioners: We hand-pick our instructors to guarantee their in-depth experience, both in the field and in the classroom. 
  • Up to date content: Digital marketing constantly evolves, so we regularly update our course content to cover new platforms, tools and effective hacks.

 Highly practical learning experience

  • Work on your own business or with live client projects: Gain practical experience by working with real clients, stakeholders and deadlines. Or by applying your newly learned skills and hacks to your own business to scale it up.
  • Build an industry-ready portfolio: To demonstrate your hands-on skills and improve your employability.
  • Well-rounded skills: Explore UX, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to become a modern, well-rounded Marketer.

This course is for

Our Digital Marketing Transform course is specifically designed for students aspiring to land a coveted role in digital marketing, and business owners/startup founders who need to scale their marketing operations for business success. There are no prerequisites to enrol. 

This course is ideal for:

  • New students who want to learn marketing and acquire a job quickly without going to uni/college
  • Traditional Marketers who want to build skills in growth, data-driven, and experimental approaches
  • Digital Marketers who want to understand how to unlock constant cycles of growth through all phases of the sales/product funnel
  • Content Marketers who want to understand the whole marketing funnel, not just for content curation, but for the whole business
  • Entrepreneurs / startup founders who need to validate their business idea, launch their startup, or grow their business, and need the extra skills to succeed
  • Small and new businesses owners who need to scale their marketing operations for business success with a one-stop, platform agnostic solution, without needing to invest in overheads or external teams to grow
  • Communications professionals who are keen to get up to speed quickly with the new digital landscape and gear up with updated approaches to target digital-first natives

What you'll Learn

Career outcomes

By the end of our Digital Marketing Transform, you will:

  • Learn the core concepts and principles of digital marketing
  • Know how to implement an outcome-focussed approach through the marketing funnel
  • Conduct advanced keyword research, content-led and social-listening approach to SEO, inbound, web copy, product development
  • Accelerate ‘owned’ media channels, website, eDM, social, landing pages, personalisation, automation and nurturing
  • Leverage self-serve ad platforms (Google Search, display, Youtube, Facebook and other social, native, audio)
  • Employ conversion optimisation and data analytics
  • Understand the journey a user follows through a digital marketing campaign
  • Develop personas and customer journey maps to guide channel planning and customer segmentation
  • Be able to identify a range of channels and how they can be leveraged in a digital growth marketing campaign
  • Understand the process of content creation, implementation and distribution, and how to use key automation tools
  • Craft, implement and monitor a digital marketing strategy and rollout plan
  • Comprehend how data is collected and analysed to generate data-driven insights
  • Grasp the importance of monitoring various channels and platforms throughout a campaign
  • Build your ‘T’ shape and specialisation areas
  • Be familiar with how to oversee and adhere to marketing budgets
  • Understand advanced growth hacks:
    – Brand and psychology
    – Integration with UX and Product Management
    – Specific growth strategies for apps
    – Retention and referral growth
    – Viral success
  • Work on live client projects and create a professional portfolio showcasing your practical skills. Alternatively, work on your own project or business startup and present your experiments and results.
  • Receive 3 world-recognised certifications (Facebook Digital Marketing Associate*; Google Ads Search; Google Ads Display) to bolster your CV and validate your proficiency. These certifications are optional. 

*Please note that additional fees apply for the Facebook certification.


Location, Course Dates and Fees in

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Ground floor,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

1300 683 923

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