Upskill in Digital Marketing in 10 weeks

Learn the core concepts and practical skills required of a marketing professional in this cohort-based and highly supported 10 weeks, online course.


Academy Xi’s new Digital Marketing Online Elevate course is a professional development course that can boost your career, salary or job responsibilities with in-demand skills, in just 10 weeks. 

Whilst delving into the core concepts, techniques, channels, tools and metrics of digital marketing, you’ll also get tangible, practical experience by working on various activities and building a digital marketing strategy, in line with industry-standards.

You’ll get the option to pass 3 world-recognised certifications (Facebook Digital Marketing Associate*, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display) to bolster your CV. Getting certified from Facebook and Google are some of the highest level of accreditations recognised in the digital marketing industry. These verifiable credentials will boost your career and validate your proficiency for current of future employers. You’ll also receive an industry-recognised digital credential and certification upon completion of the course.

You’ll never feel like you’re studying alone. As this course is class-based, you start the course and go through the topics at the same pace as all other students. Through fortnightly live sessions, private “on-demand” consultations with your mentor, and regular opportunities to interact with your classmates, this is a socially-connected and interactive online learning environment that will help you stay on track, motivated and progress faster.

*Additional fees apply for the Facebook certification.

Why learn digital marketing?

The internet and social media are entwined with everything we do. From work, daily tasks, entertainment, to hanging out with friends – they’re an integral part of our lives, and of a business’ strategy.

About 3.03 billion people are on social media around the globe, and the average internet user has at least 7 social media accounts. 22% of the world population is on Facebook. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. The average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media – and teenagers up to 9 hours! Digital marketing is what allows you to reach people where they spend their time and money: on digital channels. When you understand how to build, measure and optimise a digital marketing strategy, you acquire new customers, maximise your ROI and win big.

As an individual, skills in digital marketing are more valuable than ever before across all industries, as brands compete for their customers’ attention. With over 6,000 roles advertised in Australia (Seek) and an average salary of $109,000 (Glassdoor) understanding how to generate leads, drive brand awareness, and acquire new customers could be a very useful asset to complement your existing skillset.

As a small business, digital marketing allows you to compete with bigger and more famous brands, with a much smaller advertising budget. It gives you laser-focused control over where and how to spend your budget, as digital marketing is infinitely more affordable than traditional marketing channels. Plus, your potential customers are already online. Right. This. Second. Digital marketing enables you to interact with them in real time, get to know your audience better and create brand loyalty. 

Why study with us

  World-recognised certifications
Bolster your CV with optional Facebook* and Google certifications – some of the highest level of accreditations recognised in the digital marketing industry. These verifiable credentials will boost your career and validate your proficiency for your current of future employer.

  Class-based learning experience
Never feel like you’re studying alone. This short-course is intake-based: you start the course and go through the topics at the same pace as all other students and have regular interactions with your instructor and classmates.

  Build your portfolio with a unique personal project
Create a digital marketing strategy on a real-world product or service of your choosing. Create your unique portfolio to demonstrate your practical skills to a current or future employer. 

  Highly supported experience and mentor on demand
Book 1:1 time with your mentor, on-demand, to seek clarity and receive personalised feedback. Get 24/7 access to dedicated courses’ Slack Channels to ask questions or brainstorm ideas.

  Powerful content and “bolt-on” topics
Broaden your skillset in line with the market and employers’ expectations, and discover the fundamentals of UX, Product Management and Artificial Intelligence.

  Fortnightly live sessions with Q&A
Attend fortnightly live sessions with exclusive content, discuss the course topics and activities, connect with your peers and listen to guest speakers’ presentations.

  The best teaching the best
Our courses are designed and supported by leading industry experts with extensive experience. Being a seasoned practitioner in digital marketing doesn’t mean you know how to teach. So we hand-pick our instructors to guarantee their in-depth experience both in the field, and in the classroom.

Regular course updates
As the digital marketing industry constantly evolves, we regularly update our course content to ensure that what you’re learning is relevant, industry applicable and puts you at the forefront of digital trends.

  Learning by doing
Practical skills are critical to stand out in a competitive market. You’ll learn the core theoretical concepts and work on practical activities throughout each topic. 

  Alumni benefits
Gain exclusive access to job offers, career guidance, events, and Slack channel. Receive discounts on future Academy Xi courses, a credit when you refer a friend, and a 20% discount on ADMA courses to cement their learning journey. 

This course is for

This course has no prerequisites and we welcome students from all levels and professional backgrounds.

Our Digital Marketing Online Elevate is ideal for anyone who:

  • Comes from Brand or Product Management, traditional marketers, IT professionals, or business owners
  • Is looking for a mentor-led, highly-supported, professional development course with in-depth coverage of digital marketing 
  • Wants a practical online course, where they can develop a digital marketing strategy in line with industry-standards 
  • Wants to enrich their career and experience with in-demand skills 
  • Is keen on increasing their salary, job opportunities, or job responsibilities in the field of digital marketing

What you'll learn

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn the core concepts and principles of digital marketing
  • Understand the journey a user follows throughout a digital marketing campaign
  • Develop personas and customer journey maps to guide channel planning
  • Be able to identify a range of digital marketing channels and how they can be leveraged in a digital marketing campaign
  • Understand the process of content creation, implementation and distribution, and how to use key automation tools
  • Craft, implement and monitor your own digital marketing strategy and rollout plan 
  • Apply SEO ranking factors to your own website
  • Comprehend how data is collected and analysed to generate data-driven insights
  • Grasp the importance of monitoring various channels and platforms throughout a campaign
  • Be familiar with how to oversee and adhere to marketing budgets
  • Acquire skills that can increase your employment prospects, or be a very useful “add on” for your current job to undertake more advanced digital marketing activities
  • Create a detailed digital marketing strategy that you can use as a portfolio or evidence of your practical skills 
  • Receive 3 world-recognised certifications (Facebook Digital Marketing Associate*, Google Google Ads Search, and Google Ads Display Certifications) should you choose to pass these optional assessments. 

*Please note that additional fees apply for the Facebook certification.


Course fees and dates

27 Jul 2020 ~ 30 Sep 2020


60-80 study hours over 10 weeks

$3,000 AUD
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