Get upskilled with a part-time Digital Growth Marketing course

Transition into a new Digital Growth Marketing role, elevate your employment opportunities or apply new skills to your business.

Mondays and Wednesdays - break from Dec 20th to Jan 12th
04 November 2019
$3,500 AUD


Digital marketing involves strategic and tactical activities to build and connect with an audience through online channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, apps, and more.

 Learn from industry experts 

As industry-leading practitioners, our Digital and Growth Marketing instructors will teach you current and in-demand skills.

  Work on a real-life project  

Build on your portfolio and apply your learning with a client project, real-life startup idea or your own business project.

  Learn amongst professionals

With capped class sizes, enjoy the unique perspectives and professional experiences of your classmates.

 Connect with the industry 

Expect dedicated career guidance, access our industry hiring partners, and find future employment. 


This course is for

  • Anyone interested in learning about Digital or Growth Marketing & applying it to their current or future career (there are no prerequisites required)
  • Anyone interested in applying strong Digital or Growth Marketing skills to a business or startup
  • Anyone looking to test or validate an idea and gain traction
  • Traditional marketers or IT professionals looking to transition into Digital or Growth Marketing roles over time
  • Students from a variety of professional backgrounds

Express your interest today and simply turn up with passion, determination and a readiness to elevate your career with a dynamic new skillset.

Our alumni are working with some of the best

Tricky Jigsaw
Mercer Bell

Complement Your Career

Whether you’re looking to upskill in Digital Growth Marketing or pivot into a new career, get industry-recognised skills at Academy Xi.

Get up close and personal with inspiring mentors

Put theory into practice with a hands-on project

Join a small sized class and learn in a community of go-getters

What you'll Learn

Career outcomes

This flexible part-time course will empower you with in-demand skills and techniques to ensure you’re more employable:

  • Demonstrate traction with a start-up or idea
  • Create a portfolio piece demonstrating traction
  • Gain a toolkit of Digital and Growth Marketing skills and techniques
  • Build a network of industry connections
  • Understand how to implement a Digital Growth Marketing strategy
  • Identify how to help your business attract, acquire, and retain customers
  • Learn how to conduct competitor research and analysis
  • Gain knowledge of Digital Growth Marketing channels and growth strategies
  • Create and test an ad campaign
  • Practice using and implementing online digital marketing tools
  • Set-up a number of marketing systems and tools

Location, Course Dates and Fees in

04 Nov 2019 ~ 05 Feb 2020

6:15 pm ~ 8:45 pm

Mondays and Wednesdays - break from Dec 20th to Jan 12th

$3,500 AUD


Ground floor,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

1300 683 923

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