Product Management Elevate

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12 weeks, part-time

30% off Elevate Course

30% off Elevate Course

Course overview

New and improved curriculum, launching Aug 2021: We’re constantly updating our course content based on industry and student feedback. The information below is general in nature, and new curriculum details will be available in a few weeks. We’re excited, and you should be too. Save your spot today!

Complement your existing professional expertise and boost your career with in-demand skills in Product Management.

Product Managers are amongst the highest paid roles in the tech industry. Integral to an organisation’s success, the demand for skilled Product Managers is exponential, with thousands of roles available in any given month. 

This online course will equip you with the latest frameworks and techniques so you can be a strong all-rounder, able to understand users and market, define and articulate a product vision, simplify and prioritise the design phase, execute and optimise the launch and its results.

Packed with industry-relevant content:
  • Receive trusted, industry-recognised credentials
  • 60-80 hours of content and activities along 12 weeks
  • Understand the end-to-end Product Management process 
  • Learn soft skills to effectively communicate and secure stakeholders’ buy in
  • Premium content built in-house by experts 
A highly supported experience: 
  • Fortnightly mentor-led live video sessions, conveniently held after work hours to facilitate discussions, guest lectures and bring the content to life
  • Two 1:1 mentor sessions for tailored support, available on demand
  • Entire teams dedicated to support your learning and progress
  • Set deadlines to keep you motivated and on track, while allowing for flexibility in pacing your weekly activities 

The best way to learn is by doing:

  • Get practical experience that you can immediately use in your job 
  • Work on various activities throughout the course
  • Create a launch strategy for a new digital product or service
  • Build your portfolio on a project of your choice

A social and collaborative learning environment:

  • Start the course as a group and learn at the same pace as all other students  
  • Collaborate with your classmates on projects, grow together, and make lifelong friends

Course timeframe

This course takes approximately 50 hours over 12 weeks. This timeframe includes getting through the learning materials, attending live video sessions, completing the course activities, developing your personal project, and communicating with your peers and instructor.

What you'll learn

  • Foundations of Product Management
  • Problem solving and Jobs To Be Done framework
  • Customer personas
  • Unique value proposition
  • Product vision
  • Design solutions
  • Types of products, companies and life stages
  • Product Management lifecycle and stages
  • Double diamond framework
  • Understanding companies: mission, SWOT analysis
  • Prioritisation methods
  • Quantitative data
  • Analysis methods to understand data
  • From metrics to opportunities
  • Product improvements
  • Customer feedback
  • Qualitative data and types of research
  • Customer interviews
  • Hypothesis experiments and testing methods
  • Metrics that matter
  • Product plans and Product Requirements Document (PRD)
  • Soft skills required on the job
  • Imagining the future
  • Product messaging
  • Crafting a message
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Key tools and software for Product Managers
  • Product roadmap
  • Product backlog
  • Storyframing and wireframing
  • Product growth and growth models
  • Career advancement
  • Working with design
  • Fundamentals of User Experience (UX)
  • The design process from research to usability testing
  • Methods on design: the CIRCLES method
  • Market size and estimations 
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Development methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme programming (XP)
  • Non-Standard development teams: remote working, development agencies
  • Working effectively with engineering 
  • Tech stacks: front-end and back-end
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, Materialize, Flutter
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Financial statements: Profit and Loss statements (P&L), balance sheet
  • Funding; rounds, valuation, capitalisation table
  • Investor reports and their key information
  • Pricing and strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Building great presentations
  • Product storytelling
  • Course wrap up
  • Finalise your project and build your presentation
  • Learn techniques to communicate your ideas and approach
  • Present your personal project to the class and the mentor
  • Add your project to your portfolio


Who this course is for

There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is ideal for:

  • Anyone looking to enrich their career in a mentor-led course, with convenient live video sessions, held after working hours
  • Anyone looking for a practical course where they can develop a project/portfolio, delivered to scheduled deadlines and in line with industry-standards

Earn a digital credential

We partner with Acclaim by Credly to deliver digital credentials for our graduates. Digital credentials are a graphical representation of your skills, combined with a description of the knowledge and activities it took to earn them. 

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

For more info, click here.

Student portfolios

Check out our students’ personal projects as they showcase what they are passionate about. 


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