User Experience Design has become increasingly recognised by employers and businesses as an important, strategic role in the delivery of successful digital products. Whether you’re creating a mobile app, a website or a smartwatch app, UX has become one of the rock star roles in Digital Design.

In our 10 weeks part-time course, UX Design Elevate, learn User Experience Design where you’ll learn the skills and techniques required to create meaningful digital experiences. Guided by highly experienced and well-regarded industry experts, you’ll bring a problem you want to solve and we’ll guide you through the process to help you breathe life into it.

Our approach is intense, applied and modular; each week you will walk away with a new technique to practice and implement. Learning UX will give you the skills to identify usability problems and develop and design experiences that are effective, useful and successful.

Learn how to get started in UX Design and become a User Experience Designer.

This course is for

No pre-requisites: anyone interested in breaking into the ever-growing field of User Experience Design.

Popular for people looking to transition from:

  • Visual, Digital or Graphic Design
  • Project Management, Product Management, Production
  • Art, Creative Director
  • Marketing, advertising and copywriting
  • Business Analysis & QA Testing
  • Communication design
  • Psychology, Research
  • Coding
What you'll learn
  • Introduction and warm-up

    In this hyper Design Thinking workshop, you’ll experience the depth of your creativity. This is high energy and high participation. By the end of this session, you will be able to use this technique on your project and with your clients to see how your vision grows infinitely better.

  • Discovery: research

    Using the fine techniques of research, we will guide you through some common and industry expected techniques used to get you knowing – really knowing – who you’re designing for and why you’re designing for them. With hypotheses, insights and facts, you’re going to confidently answer the question “what problem am I solving?”

  • Discovery: analysis

    Some rapid exercises in piecing together your insights and findings to create the centrepiece of who you’re designing for: your Personas. Taking these further, we’ll teach you how to generate feature ideas really quickly. You’ll then turn these features, no matter how outlandish, into a rudimentary project plan.

  • The Big Picture

    Know yourself and know your audience. These are fundamental to creating successful products that solve problems in a meaningful way. We guide you through a visioning and success process and have you apply that to making your users successful in the process.

  • The Agile Way: Concept and Design

    We look at what’s happening in the rapidly changing world of digital. From desktop to mobile, you will learn the fundamental best practices for navigation, search, imagery, content as well get some insights as to what’s on trend.

    We also need to chat. Waterfall delivery is over. Like 1970’s waterfall inspired wallpaper scenes, this mode of delivery no longer has a place in modern product development.

    Enter Agile (or Design Sprints).

    Understanding the bigger picture and the project objectives, our goal is to get your correct product out to the market as quickly as possible. The concept of Kaizen ensures that we create excellence and dismiss the neurotic pursuit of perfection, creating a product that is right for right now.

  • Design for persuasion

    We’ll delve into some pop psychology and science to learn how to create persuasive experiences. Given the frightening statistic that only 16% of apps are used more than once, it’s important to learn how to encourage your customers to return – and return often. From learning how to build trust and credibility to convincing your customers to transact with you, our Seductive Design Principles will help you transform you vision into a compelling business.

  • Feedback and validation

    Using widely used testing techniques, you will learn how to plan for a testing session, create scenarios and tasks, note-take and observe. You’ll then translate your learnings into a refined UX Design and prototype.

  • Prototyping and communication

    Implement what you’ve learned. “I have an almost complete disregard of precedent, and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I go for anything new that might improve the past.” This great quote by Clarissa Harlowe Barton sums up your responsibility as a UX Designer. Never settle for what’s been done before. Every design problem is solved better with the help of the people who’ll be using your product.

  • Pitching your solutions

    You pitch.

    We wrap up your User Experience Design training and all revel in the beauty of your thinking: your final project. This is your chance to pitch your ideas to your co-geniuses for final feedback. Don’t be shy, you won’t have time to be. The future is yours.

    They pitch.

    Meet some industry folk and learn about getting into the ever growing field of User Experience Design.

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Career outcomes

By the end of the course, you will have learned the following important skills:

  • Plan, design and facilitate an accelerated design thinking workshop
  • Define and perform industry-ready user experience research techniques and analyse your research
  • Create a compelling set of personas
  • Create customer journeys
  • Create user flows and information architecture
  • An understanding of Service Design
  • How to develop a powerful vision statement
  • Learn persuasive design techniques
  • Understand Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and learn how to prioritise features and functionality
  • Develop a set of wireframes using industry standard UX software and create a prototype
  • Conduct usability testing sessions on a working prototype
  • Pitch a UX concept
  • Know and apply best practices in User Experience Design
Past students

Jodie Huang

Design Student

The course covered a lot of content that was both intriguing and challenging to my preconceived ideas about UX design. The instructor made me think outside the box, and also taught us that as UX designers, we are an advocate for the everyday user. 

Academy Xi provided me with a great learning experience and valuable knowledge that can be applied to many aspects of life. I also made some great friends, we continue to help each other along in our UX design journeys. 

Andres Student

Andres Fabian

Senior Digital Art Director

I would definitely recommend Academy Xi! It’s the best way to immerse yourselves in the world of User Experience regardless of what your current role is. You’ll get to learn with a group of cool folks from all walks of life and learn from some of the smartest and most inspiring mentors you’ll ever have. The small number of the class makes an intimate and rewarding experience. The curriculum highly focuses on UX and doesn’t try to be anything more than that – which I found refreshing.

Having your assumptions and gut feelings confirmed with hard facts was a complete game changer for me. Also, understanding that I’m not always right and that even though user testing may seem like we’re testing humans – we’re testing our systems. No egos just pure empathy. I love this about Xi’s approach, not just towards UX but to teaching in general.

I feel I’ve made long lasting friendships in a short amount of time. I learnt that no matter how old I am I can still surprise myself and achieve work I can be proud of. Also, that passion will drive you to greatness.

Student Jessica Tong

Jessica Tong

Digital Designer at Webcoda

The UX course was a great insight into the different processes and tools. There was alot of content covered in the course in a short amount of time, but applying it to a project was helpful in understanding it. MC and Charbel are great instructors who were generous with their time and able to pull from their experiences to explain specific processes. The other students who did the course were super cool and that made a huge difference.

Student Juan Profile

Juan Manuel Molleví

Creative Director

The velocity course is a great way to get the user-centered design process in one practical, condensed workshop. It is current information that can be used immediately in projects. The opportunity to practice during the class is extremely helpful to solidify some of the principles and techniques and be able to use them again. I’m leaving the class feeling fully equipped to bring great processes to projects and teams, and ultimately deliver usable, desirable, and exceptional user experiences.

Student Josh Denford

Josh Denford

Designer at The White Agency

Learning User Experience Design at Academy Xi has been a real pleasure. The instructors approach to teaching UX is informative and enjoyable. I really liked their step-by-step approach to UX.

Each week you take away a skill learnt and practise it at home – starting from early research and problem solving all the way to wireframes. Apart from improving my understanding of UX, I had excellent opportunities to improve my presentation skills that I can use later when presenting work to fellow colleagues and clients. Never did I feel I was falling behind in the course and the instructors were available to talk throughout the week, even outside class time.

I would highly recommend Academy Xi to anyone wishing to extend their design thinking or pursue a different career.

Benjamin Chen

Former Art Director now UX Designer at Tigerspike

I think what made me decide so instantly was because I like the small class approach, I feel connected to Academy Xi’s vision, and most importantly, I strongly feel this is the right time and right place to learn. As an institution that is teaching User Experience, Academy Xi has shown proven themselves as a school that always thinks from their student’s perspectives and understand their needs.

It’s a good opportunity to train your brain both logically and creatively. If you like problem solving and making a difference to your users and to the world, this is a good direction for you to take.

Student Craig Stanford

Craig Stanford

Senior UX/UI Designer at Qantas

The instructors did an excellent job of explaining the vast array of content and information in the course.

Their casual and friendly teaching style paired with their dedication and support was amazing and helped to make this the most enjoyable course I have ever taken.

Well done guys and thank you!

Next course dates and fees
10 weeks | Saturdays
27/10/2018 to 19/01/2019
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
$4000 AUD

Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000