Transform your career and become a UX Designer.

Start your 10-week, full-time journey.

Our UX Design Transform course places you at the forefront of User Experience Design, an ever-evolving, and growing design discipline. Created by industry experts and leading practitioners, this intensive career-accelerator equips you with the skills, support, network, and knowledge to jump straight into a UX career.

  Learn from the best

Developed and taught by industry experts who are at the top of their game, you’ll learn from a number of inspirational, capable and well-respected UX practitioners. Grow your network and approach real-world UX projects with an understanding of diverse perspectives and techniques.

  Meet the right people

We provide our students with an extensive network of local and global industry connections. Born from a UX agency, we work closely with UX leaders and know the discipline inside and out. With our career partners, we put you in front of the right people to forge invaluable industry connections. Meet prospective employers and industry influencers at our networking events, and feel supported by our tight-knit community of design and tech thought leaders.

  Experience real-world experience

You’ll work on three live UX projects, working in an environment that mirrors a real-world workplace. This means you’ll build portfolio-ready projects that clearly communicate to employers your industry-relevant skills.

  Get hired

We provide students with ongoing career support, so you’re immediately employable. We provide the solid foundations to build out your successful UX career: advice and support, interview training and professional portfolio projects to showcase skills. Our alumni receive exclusive internal learning opportunities and discounts, networking events and access to our diverse and valuable industry connections, to keep you ahead of the curve and at the centre of the UXD discipline.

This course is for
  • Anyone wanting to transform their career and become a UX Designer
  • A designer wanting to make an immediate switch to UX

There are no course prerequisites. Come with passion and determination. Be ready to throw yourself at this career-transforming step towards becoming a UX Designer.

We interview applicants to better understand what each individual wants to get out of the course. We can then make sure your personal goals are met.


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What you'll learn
  • Live projects

    This course exposes you to live UX projects with real stakeholders. You'll spend the first four weeks working on one live project as a team, followed by a client feedback session to embed learning. To boost team dynamics and encourage collaboration, we set up the environment to mirror a commercial practice. You'll gain experience across multiple workflows, including:

    1. A lean UX project
    2. A traditional waterfall approach
    3. An Agile design sprint in the form of a full service project.

  • Exploring the problem space

    Starting with an understanding of UX fundamentals, we give you the tools to break down the problem space. Learn an accelerated design thinking approach, and then challenge assumptions with valid and effective design research techniques. Learn how to present and analyse gathered data and insights to form concepts and effectively communicate them.

    - Design Thinking
    - Design Research
    - Analysing and communication

  • Concept development

    Grasp the key components that make up the concept development phase of any UX project. Learn Lean UX, content strategy, inclusive design, accessibility and best practice methods to create user-centred, intuitive products.

    - Lean UX Design
    - Content Strategy
    - Accessibility and Inclusive Design
    - Best Practices

  • Design and communication

    Here we start communicating solutions. Learn design skills to communicate your validated concepts. Clearly articulate your ideas to team members and stakeholders, and learn the art of visual communication that expresses your concepts and approach. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to present your concepts and create tangible outputs for testing and communication.

    - Mobile First
    - Sketching, Wireframing, and Prototyping

  • Your future

    Feel empowered and ready to discover where UX design will take you. Learn where the industry is going, and feel comfortable exploring and planning potential career paths. We’ll provide you with an extensive job-ready toolkit of necessary skills; from stakeholder engagement, portfolio prep, LinkedIn strategy and resume writing, to networking and job interviews. We’ve got you covered; providing you with the skills and support to transition into your dream job.

    - The Role of UX
    - Career planning
    - Soft skills
    - Your portfolio
    - Resume writing & LinkedIn
    - Networking
    - Job Interviews

Learn more
Career outcomes

Learn UX frameworks and techniques, communicate findings and concepts, build your portfolio, and get started in UX Design with no previous experience. At the completion of our 10-week, full-time course you’ll:

  • Feel comfortable in design team constructs and working on real-world UX projects
  • Understand the UX process, and how to apply frameworks to diverse UX problems
  • Gain an ability to effectively communicate concepts with various stakeholder groups
  • Evaluate and execute a myriad  of proven design research techniques
  • Effectively communicate research findings and user insights
  • Understand future trends and changes affecting the industry
  • Have the ability to shape your own UX career path, and move into your ideal job
  • Be equipped to fluidly move into a UX career, with confidence

Why now?

The design and tech industries are suffering from a shortage of quality and job-ready UX talent. Our alumni are equipped to fill this digital skills gap and hit the ground running. Our aim is to educate the next generation of digital change-makers, providing our ecosystem with UX problem-solvers with a passion for positive change.

Are you ready to embark on your UX journey? Take the next step to transform your career and become a User Experience Designer. Apply now.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Academy Xi UX Lead & UXD:Transform Instructor

Known to empower his students through the notion that everyone has the ability to understand and create strategy, Robert says, “I believe UX design is intuitive; sometimes it just takes a little prod or influence to reassure that intuition.”

Robert’s digital story began with a degree in visual design where his career took off in Melbourne with numerous roles developing consumer facing web products. Since then, he has studied multiple multimedia and design courses which have propelled him into UX roles for Optus, Vodafone, PwC and Symplicit.

Next course dates and fees
10 weeks | Monday to Friday
15/10/2018 to 21/12/2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
$12000 AUD

Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000