UI Design Foundations Online

Master the fundamentals of User Interface Design with Academy Xi's new online course

Course overview

Academy Xi’s new online course in User Interface Design is an ideal way for you to learn the core concepts and applications in UI Design in a flexible, self-paced and online format.

You will build your knowledge in creating visual elements that help users navigate and interact with digital interfaces, such as visual hierarchy, layout and wireframes, colour theory and typography, imagery, branding and more.

Our online courses are designed and supported by leading industry experts. The course content is reviewed and updated to ensure you are learning the most relevant and industy-applicable material. Enquire about this course today, or download your course guide to learn more.

This course is for

This course has no prerequisites. We welcome students from all levels and professional backgrounds. It would suit anyone with an interest in visual design, or an existing UX Designer wishing to have a more attractive skillset in the market.

As you can study on any internet-connected device at any time, this course is ideal for those who can’t make it to our campus locations, or those who want to learn in a way flexible way, around their other work or personal commitments.

It will take you approximately 30 hours to complete this course. You have 6 months to access the learning material. The course is self-paced, but should you book yourself a 3-hour block to study every week, you could complete it in the span of 3 months and achieve your learning outcomes quickly. If you’d like to expand your knowledge further, this course also includes optional reading resources for you to explore.

What you will learn

You will follow our ‘learn, practice, embed’ approach which blends theoretical and practical exercises through the course. You’ll study 28 course topics including:

  • An introduction to UX Design
  • Layout, colour and typography
  • Imagery and iconography
  • UI conventions
  • Branding
  • The future of UI Design
  • How to create your UI Design portfolio

You will be able to interpret a client brief, identify UI design requirements and apply the correct digital design solutions using brand guidelines and style guides.

You will also implement your skills onto 4 design challenges that will form the basis of your portfolio. At the end of the course, an instructor will review it and provide structured feedback of where you went well, and how you can improve your UI Design solution.

Course details

12 Aug 2019 ~ 31 Dec 2025


Approx. 30 hours over a maximum of six months.

$900 AUD
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