Upskill with a part-time Data Analytics course

Boost your career with Data Analytics skills in a convenient, 10-week, virtual classroom, part-time course.

Live video sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays
14 July 2020
$4,000 AUD

We've adapted to COVID-19

We’ve transitioned this face-to-face “on campus” course to a “virtual classroom” format to provide a safer learning environment, whilst guaranteeing the same robust career and learning outcomes.

Thanks to our in-depth experience in delivering online courses that follow adult learning methodologies and a Human-Centered Design approach, this transition has been seamless and straightforward.


Academy Xi’s Data Analytics Elevate course is a professional development course that can boost your career, salary or job responsibilities with in-demand skills. 

In this 10-week, part-time course conveniently held after working hours, you’ll learn the methods, processes, and systems to harness data and extract knowledge that will inform better decisions, drive performance and profitability. Whether it’s more accurate reporting and planning, leaner processes, improved operational efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue or reduced costs – you’ll be equipped with the skills that employers are looking for.

You’ll also get tangible, practical experience by working on various activities throughout the course in line with industry-standards. You’ll also understand how to visualise and present data to influence the decision-making process with solid evidence and gain stakeholders’ buy-in. 

This course will equip you with the technical skills, adaptability and creative mindset to make sense of data, translate it into actionable insights and drive innovation. That’s a serious edge for any career.


Why study Data Analytics? 

Data is the backbone of any well-informed decision, hence a vital component in driving the strategy and future growth of a company. If a Fortune 1000 company were to simply increase its access to data by 10%, it would generate an extra $65 million additional net income.

This explains the exponential demand across all industries for people with this skillset, with over 5,600 roles available on Seek. The average Data Scientist salary in Australia is $114,600 (Indeed).

It’s a flexible career path, as you can choose to work in a myriad of industries such as healthcare, oceanography, travel, emerging tech, banking, government and more.

Are you ready to make the most of these opportunities and boost your career by learning data analytics?


Why study with us 

 Industry-recognised education

  • Earn a digital credential and an industry-recognised Certificate to boost your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Trusted by industry experts and recruiters all around Australia
  • High-quality content created exclusively in-house by learning designers, industry experts and recruiters
  • Alumni benefits – including discounts and a referral credit


 Highly practical online course

  • Implement your skills by working on practical activities throughout each topic
  • Taught by leading industry practitioners with a wealth of experience to share
  • Gain hands-on experience with Excel, Google Sheets, SQL (SQLite, MySQL), Tableau, PowerBI, R and Python


 Supported and socially connected online course

  • Bi-weekly live video sessions with our instructor to go through the course and support your progression
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to boost their career and leverage data
  • Never feel like you’re studying alone and connect twice a week with your classmates

This course is for

This course is open to beginners without any previous experience. You don’t need to know how to code and there are no prerequisites to enrol. We welcome students from all levels and professional backgrounds. Simply turn up with passion, curiosity, and commitment to complete this 10-week schedule.

Our Data Analytics Elevate course is ideal for:

  • Anyone keen to work in or better understand data, without any existing background in this field
  • Anyone looking for an instructor-led professional development course with in-depth coverage of data analytics
  • A range of learners seeking to introduce data analytics to their professional practice and context
  • Anyone looking for a practical course where they can develop their data analytics skills in line with industry-standards
  • Working professionals who want to enrich their career and experience with in-demand skills
  • Anyone looking to increase their salary, job opportunities, or job responsibilities in the field of data analytics

Our alumni are working with some of the best


What you'll Learn

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Career outcomes

By the end of this Data Analytics Elevate course, you will:

  • Understand the definitions and key concepts within data science and analytics
  • Be familiar with the latest trends, and key aspects of data privacy and ethics
  • Know how organisations use and manage data to deliver successful end-to-end projects
  • Learn to apply analytics to business problems
  • Work with small datasets and query large, structured databases through basic and advanced SQL
  • Gain hands-on experience with Excel/Google Sheets, SQL (SQLite, MySQL), Tableau, PowerBI, R and Python
  • Learn about databases, data infrastructure, architecture and analytics
  • Understand the role of data visualisation and storytelling to represent data
  • Learn effective data communication techniques including grammar of graphics, theory of colours and graphs
  • Understand the different steps in predictive modelling
  • Practice summary statistics and sampling
  • Delve into machine learning, regression and classification models
  • Work on a predictive analytics project involving model selection, accuracy and interpretability
  • Get practical tips on how to build your analytics portfolio and personal brand


Location, Course Dates and Fees in

14 Jul 2020 ~ 17 Sep 2020

6:15 pm ~ 8:45 pm

Live video sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays

$4,000 AUD


Ground floor,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

1300 683 923

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