User Experience Design: Transform


On campus, Sydney


10 weeks, full-time



Course Overview


Land a job in UX Design – guaranteed* and transform your future with this innovative and career-focussed course.

The demand for UX Designers is booming across all industries, with an expected market growth of 18.9% by 2024. This comprehensive online course will equip you with the full spectrum of theoretical and practical skills required in a well-rounded UX Designer. 

Job Guarantee*:

  • Enter the course a beginner and land a job after graduation – guaranteed* 
  • Master the full spectrum of theoretical and practical skills 
  • 120 days of personalised employment support and career guidance
  • Showcase your work to industry experts and recruiters
  • Expand your UX network and be part of an active community 

A truly comprehensive and supported online course:

  • Hundreds of hours of content and activities along 10 weeks 
  • Daily live video sessions: your instructor takes you through the course material 
  • No need to go through a learning platform
  • Entire teams dedicated to your support 

Get the practical experience employers are looking for:

  • Forget case studies: work on three real, live client projects 
  • Manage stakeholders and deadlines – just like in a real UX job
  • Build your professional portfolio 
  • Receive trusted, industry-recognised credentials

A highly social and collaborative learning environment:

  • Replicate the collaborative approach of a real UX job
  • Connect with classmates, grow together, and make lifelong friends
  • Delve into specific topics and ask questions to your instructor in daily live video sessions 

*T&Cs apply

Course Timeframe

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to design thinking: definition, process, best practice examples
  • UX overview: definition, processes and principles
  • The difference between UX, CX, UI, Service Design 
  • Design bootcamp 
  • The Double Diamond framework
  • Problem statements and how to structure them
  • Virtual field trip
  • Research: research techniques and how to conduct them 
  • Human-Centered Design workshop
  • Guerilla interviews
  • Affinity mapping
  • Empathy mapping
  • Personas
  • Ideation and storyboarding
  • Virtual field trip
  • Customer journey maps
  • MVP, features and flows
  • Human-Centered Design workshop
  • Information architecture
  • Design systems
  • Wireframing
  • Usability testing
  • Human-Centered Design workshop

Our live client projects give you the opportunity to apply newly learned skills and build your portfolio by working with three real, live clients. In small groups, and under the guidance of your highly experienced UX instructor and mentor, implement all the tools you’ve learned and practice your soft skills such as negotiation and stakeholder management. We’ll set up an environment that mirrors most commercial practices to ensure you gain relevant, practical, in-demand experience. 

  • Consult with clients to understand their goals and requirements
  • Apply UX Design principles and practices to real-life projects, producing professional portfolio work
  • Confidently manoeuvre the diverse needs and mindsets of stakeholders and customers
  • Present UX solutions and processes to clients

To ensure you’re prepared to head into the UX industry, now is the time to finalise your portfolio, finesse your resume and LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews.

  • Week 10: Industry Showcase event preparation and attendance: finalising  your professional portfolio, pitching yourself, mentor rounds, strengthening your LinkedIn and CV. Course graduation.
  • Week 11 to 26: Build your job search strategy, develop career-focussed soft skills, and get career guidance as you go through real job interviews.

Who this course is for

There are no prerequisites required for this course. Simply turn up with passion, determination and a readiness to transform your career. 

This course is specifically designed for students aspiring to land a coveted role in UX Design. It is ideal for:

  • Students who want to learn UX and acquire a job quickly without going to uni/college
  • Students who want a high supported experience with daily video sessions with their instructor
  • Anyone interested in becoming a UX Designer or interested in applying strong UX skills to a business or startup
  • Learners who are ready to transform their career and employment options.
  • Working professionals who bring design and digital related career experience with them
  • Anyone with transferable soft skills from previous professional experience: creative thinking, curiosity, problem solving, teamwork, an eye for detail, etc.

Career Outcomes

After graduating from this UX course, you can apply for jobs such as:r

  • UX Designer
  • User researcher
  • CX Designer
  • UX information architect
  • Similar Human-Centered Design roles

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