Land a job, guaranteed - with our Outcomes Program.

What is the Outcomes Program?

Our courses are designed not only to provide job-relevant skills, but also to launch our graduates into creative, fulfilling, and well-paid careers.Our Outcomes Program is aimed at supporting, advising and empowering our graduates to achieve the outcomes they’re looking for upon the completion of their Transform course. 

The Program is available to all full-time students and provides access to complimentary workshops and our dedicated team. You’ll work on: 

  • Your elevator pitch
  • Improving your soft skills
  • Practicing interview techniques
  • Developing your CV
  • Leveraging your LinkedIn profile
  • Building your network and finding opportunities through your network

It is a collaborative process that involves a commitment from Academy Xi to help its full-time students achieve their career goal. As long as you’re proactive and take ownership, we’ll guarantee that you’ll land the first role of your digital career within the first 180 days of graduating. (T&C’s Apply)

How does the Outcomes Program work?

During your Transform course, our Outcomes team will support you on your journey to become job-ready and equip you with the tools you need to succeed in the market. A combination of presentations, workshops & individual career coaching helps to ensure you put your best foot forward after graduation.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll work directly with one of our Outcomes Managers, through regular 1:1 meetings, to:

  • Come up with a plan for your job search to help you successfully apply for the right roles. 
  • Prepare you for everything from mock interviews to contract negotiations
  • Connect you to community networks and share job opportunities
  • Facilitate opportunities such as work experience or volunteering on short-term contracts

Undertaking UX:

  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Product Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Experience Designer

Undertaking Service Design:

  • Service Designer
  • CX Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Human-Centred Designer
  • Experience Consultant

Undertaking Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Content Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Performance Coordinator
  • Search Assistant
  • Social Media Coordinator


Industry Showcase

After the course, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your work to industry leaders and recruiters. We’ll invite our industry connections, recruiters, and companies looking for fresh talent. Here, you’ll present your best self and your portfolio to these prospective employers. As a great opportunity to develop your network and practice your pitching skills, the showcase night is where you could land your first UX, Service Design or Digital Marketing role.

While our industry showcase is now fully online, have a peek at what it was when we used to have them at HQ!

Outcome Graduates

Current Professional Background: Service Designer at AGL

Previous Professional Background: Hotel Management

The practical up-to-the-minute advice from Dan and the Outcome Program team was absolutely outstanding. Being able to practice for mock interviews and talk through how to best approach my non-linear career journey, and compose my own narrative for the job market, was critical to land my new role shortly afterwards. I am fairly self-motivated in my ways of being, and I appreciated that I could engage them as much or as little as I needed without being pressured to do so.

ellen anastasia

Ellen Anastasia

Current Professional Background: UX Designer at AGL

Previous Professional Background: Woolworths

Being a recent grad, Outcomes Program help me build my confidence and professional skills. The team was really supportive and guide me along the way to help me land on my dream role. They helped me build my professional brand and taught me industry insights. I highly recommend everyone to enrol in this program. Thanks Xi!
Current Professional Background: Lead Service Designer at Anglican Church
Previous Professional Background: Marketing
A key determining element to me deciding to study with Academy Xi, was the impeccable reputation of the Outcomes Program. What I loved about the Outcomes team, is that they were embedded each week with advice and industry excursions to show fantastic insight into what a role in HCD would look like after studies.
As the course ramped up, these sessions became more personalised and tailored to set and explore my own career goals. I leaned into the expertise offered by the Outcomes Team throughout my studies to shape a careers strategy that pulled on my past skillset and build my portfolio.
Not only were they incredibly talented at what they did, they became a great sounding board and cheer squad to help me build a network in the HCD community and eventually land a role in the industry.

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