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I have true passion for understanding human behaviours and enjoy bringing big picture thinking to the table. My time in trade marketing in the retail space trained me to be strategic about how to engage with customers and use research to see the opportunities from their point of view whilst delivering business results which is critical in any UX project. As a graduated exhibition designer I used HCD processes which is why UX has been a seamless transition for me. I have loved working on clients briefs through Academy Xi giving me a chance to refine my technical UX skills. I’m a super enthusiastic person with the ability to adapt to any situation that is thrown at me. Having lived the majority of my life overseas, design is one of many languages I speak and I can’t wait to start working in the UX field.

I am a Lawyer and a designer on a mission to have a positive impact on the world one design at a time. With a focus on understanding end-users, I am keen to solve real problems for real people and to design great data-driven solutions with great teams. I am inspired by functional and elegant designs that are accessible to all. Balancing human-centric needs with business outcomes is a challenge that I value and relish taking on.  

Years of working in legal practice have equipped me with strong organisational and stakeholder management skills. Having worked in a fast-paced environment, I am results-driven and adaptable to changes, all the while ensuring deadlines are met. As a designer, I am continually failing, learning, and growing. And then doing it all again. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that lead to diverse learning and career experiences. Above all else, I am a wife, a terrible baker, and an avid reader.

Hello! I’m Anh and I am a Fashion Designer turned Experience Designer. For over five years, I have led the Creative Direction, Design and Delivery of multiple fashion labels, forming part of a successful wholesale operation, both domestically and internationally.

My transition into Human-Centred Design was fortified by my desire to create meaningful experiences through design. I believe that data is the foundation upon which all good businesses, UX and SD methodologies are built upon.

My goal is to provide design solutions to solve user needs and business challenges by falling in love with the problems, and asking great questions that lead to great design.

Learning UX design has given me a stronger perspective in understanding how people feel and what drives their behaviours. Working as a photographer allowed me to understand my passion for connecting with people and the further I dug into that desire, the more I realised I was interested in the stories behind the faces.

Discovering more about how I could best help these people and create solutions to aid their lives is what drove me to pursue a career in UX design. Now I am in an industry where I can problem solve in a more practical and impactful way.

I am curious to learn, to expand on what I know and always stay open to any opportunities that come my way in the future. I have obtained new skills over the past 10 weeks that have put me in good stead, but I wish to continue to learn, grow and create human centred design solutions for as long as possible.

My passion for UX and human-centred design stems from a combination of the aspects I enjoyed the most from my previous experiences – talking to people and listening to their stories and a keen interest in everything design related.

Working in retail for many years allowed me to develop a strong sense of empathy and ability to connect with my customers on a more personal level. Not only did this help me communicate effectively with customers but it also helped me understand the underlying reason for their frustrations and, most importantly, provide the best possible solution for them.

While studying IT at university, although not being a typical design discipline, I always found myself focusing more on the appearance and experience of websites and applications. I am always looking for problems in presentation or usability and thinking about ways to fix them.

I love to design for the everyday little things. I come from an Interior Architecture background where I learnt how to tailor design solutions to the right individual. I decided to make the switch into User Experience design as I was drawn to a more fast paced human-centred design environment. These last few months of the transform course have been a real eye opener. I have appreciated the role research has to play in designing a product and I have also seen the outcome of a product backed by assumptions. I have come to appreciate the UX and SD methodologies that can be implemented to result in an engaging product that is both profitable for a business and beneficial to a user.

I am inspired by the creatives that are always willing to learn because if there is anything I’ve learnt in the past few weeks is that you can never really design for anyone until you try to walk in their shoes.

A human with forty years of life experience.

I view failure as a good problem to solve.
I believe biases exist to be challenged.
I nerd out on granular detail, and take my time to step back and contemplate the whole picture.
50% pragmatist, 50% creative, 100% over achiever.
Your business’ language is my native tongue.

UX Designing, Collaborating, Diverging, Researching, Writing, Analysing, Converging, Flowing, Mapping, Innovating, Wireframing, Evaluating, Strategising…

…and my friends say I’m a great storyteller.

I’m an aspiring Human Centred Designer with a background in aviation and customer service, my passion for helping others has led me into wanting to create a larger impact. User Experience Design was a natural next step in my career progression.

Through my experience as Cabin Crew, and in Customer Service roles I have helped shape and mould experiences, driven from a place of empathy and willingness to connect with others. My aptitude with connecting, solving human centred problems has been my motivation, and ensure that is represented along every step. Throughout my journey and time at Academy Xi I have developed a clear understanding of the User Experience Methodology and have gained new skills along with my previous experience I am looking forward to the next step into my future.

I’m a detail-oriented person and have always been curious about PEOPLE. How they might feel, interact and react to products is something that I am passionate about. Pragmatic and empathetic colleagues that trust in me is a powerful driver. 

A UX Designer and Researcher specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research with 6 years of experience including background as a software programmer, I’m passionate about understanding human behaviour and needs, to create an intuitive and delightful experience based on untangling complex problems and backed up by research findings.

My end-to-end experience in a variety of projects within cross-functional teams at Samsung, has enabled me to value the delicious layers of listening and communicating effectively with stakeholders and colleagues to drive changes. Also, helping stakeholders establish competent project roadmaps for UX and Services ensuring to make better UX and to complete the project on time with the Agile process.

Hi, I am Juli Valencia! Curious like a cat, Valencia like the oranges, a constant learner and pragmatic operator!

A seasoned CX professional with experience in commercial, Government, and start-up settings. A very adaptable and resilient individual, with an ability to translate requirements across industries and collaborate within cross-functional teams.

I see problems as opportunities and the world through a Human Centred Design lens. I love working with people, understanding what makes them tick and empathising with what they need so that I can connect the dots and identify solutions (both products and services) that address real issues.

I’m passionate about building lasting and meaningful relationships, and working on initiatives that have broad positive impacts on people and the environment. I am hoping to leave this world better than how I found it!

I am detailed, meticulous about time, results-driven and love managing projects to successful completion.

Hi, I’m Justin! I come from a motion, graphic and illustration design background which is a good representation of my passion and hobbies. Strong relationships, impactful design, teamwork and making people laugh have always been important to my personality and working style. Pursuing career options and workplaces that reflect or accomodate these core values of mine have been of the utmost priority.

Therefore, my choice to pursue human centred design felt like the natural progressive step in my career from a graphic design background. I love to interact with people, I’m a natural storyteller and I value design solutions that are impactful in creative, efficient and progressive ways that anyone can access.

My time in this UX Transform course has given me the skills, intuition and validation that I needed to realise that I’m on the right path. I have grown more curious to learn, excited to design and eager to grow as a professional in this field. I’m thrilled to find out what the future has in store.

I come from an interdisciplinary design background, with the majority of my experience being in visual design. In my previous roles I found myself drawn to human centred design as I am interested in the intersection of the digital and physical space, and how peoples movements throughout these can be enhanced and ethically manipulated. This led me to undertaking a course to up-skill in UX design and learn more about what impacts people’s decisions.

I love to create beautiful things that actually help users, and which is backed by research and data. I also have a keen interest in social justice, sustainability, urbanism and the IoT.

“I love designing engaging product experiences for humans”

A UX/UI & Interior Designer with 4 years of experience, I am always designing with a human-centric approach. I’ve always been a visual storyteller, driven by a need to understand and enhance everyday activities. With a curiosity to improve everything I see, I believe technology has the ability to influence how people learn, communicate and design for the better.

With a vast range of experiences in property, property management, property investment, development, design and architecture, I am passionate about shaping the product / services that help individuals do what they do best.

“Concept, prototype and design. I make it simple but significant”.

I am a passionate user experience designer with a background from graphic design. I’ve always been a visual storyteller driven by a need to understand and influence the audience. I’m passionate about improving the lives of others through design and I am constantly looking to learn new things every day. As a UX designer I challenge my assumptions and dive to solve and improve the problem, producing a conceptual, relevant and meaningful design that echo my creative stance.

Hi I’m Sam! I love to travel, learn, and connect! I bring a breadth of experiences to my latest iteration as a UX designer.

My most recent role was in tech recruitment where I learnt and fell in love with UX and the design industry (I’ve yet to meet one designer who wasn’t an amazing individual!). It’s important to me that what I do aligns with my values and ethics, and I see UX as a natural progression for me in terms of career.
What I most enjoy about UX is the ability to critically analyse and dissect problems. I like to look at the process holistically and tear it apart and challenge my assumptions. If the data cannot explain why I did something, then it’s back to the drawing board. Moreover, I’m about people. I want to meet, learn from, and connect with people from all walks of life.


I am a Service Designer with over five years experience as a Business Analyst. I have experience working across the public and private sectors, successfully delivering transformation projects on budget and on time. I am a naturally curious individual with extremely strong stakeholder engagement skills, problem solving skills and a general can-do attitude.

I have a passion for developing seamless end-to-end experiences for customers using the Human Centred Design approach. With my background, I’m just as comfortable talking CRM implementation gaps with IT as I am with talking user journeys with Marketing & Design. I see my role as the bridge between the creative and technical, driving innovation and creating strong cross-functional relationships. Never afraid to ask for help or admit that I don’t know something, I bring a learning mindset to every project I start. I aim to frame design challenges, while collaborating with others on the creative process to solve these challenges. I aim to deliver valuable insights and opportunities to drive design and business decisions that help customers and organisations achieve their goals.

Having worked for a number of years in banking and telecommunications industries as a customer relationship manager, I am a people-orientated professional, adept in identifying customers needs and proposing an appropriate solution to provide first-class customer experiences. With a passion for Human Centred Design, I refined my skills as a designer and have completed 10 weeks full time service design bootcamp with 3 real client projects in digital products across disability employment, recruitment and health industries. I take pride in applying design thinking methodology to continuous improvement strategies, so as to enhance customer experiences with proven high-degree problem solving ability. I am passionate about delivering projects based on user needs and improving the business to achieve meaningful products and experiences that improve customers’ lives and make a positive impact on them. I am seeking a position in Service Design (SD), Human Centred Design (HCD) or Customer Experience (CX) to take my career upwards to the next level.

Hi I am Uma, a passionate UX designer, with a strong background in Fashion Design and Human Resources Management. Since childhood I’ve been a deeply creative, analytical and people oriented person. Discovering UX Design has changed my world. I finally discovered something that allows me to combine both the creative and analytical sides of my brain, in a way that can meaningfully impact on other people.

Throughout my past career I have been lucky to work with a wide variety of people and have gained a deep understanding of how businesses work at both strategic and operational level. I have always been intrigued by how people think, and believe in the magic of empathy and attention to detail. I pride myself on solving problems and creating intuitive user experiences.

My high energy and passion for fun come with me in day to day life. I take pride in doing a little bit of everything. I love to learn new things with a fresh perspective.

User interface design
Vera Kravchuk
Lead UX Designer at Academy Xi
Sheree Hanna
Design Lead (UX/Product)
Digital Marketing Course
digital marketing
Alex Handley
Studied: DM Elevate
lisa qi
Studied: DM Elevate
Amelia Zimmerman
Growth Marketer at Dominet Venture Partners
Andrew John
Growth Marketing Consultant, Director and Founder of Super Mammoth
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones
Head of Acquisition at Cluey Learning
Lenny Manor
Growth Marketing Consultant
Luke Marshall
Marketing Consultant
Ollie De Vries
Digital Growth Strategy and Head of Acquisition Marketing at Web Profits
Tom Green
Growth Hacker and Advisory Board Member - Digital Transformation UX UI at Infoplum
Tyler Wilchek
Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at BoozeBud
Will Egan
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ausmed Education
William Wang
Chief Marketing Strategist at Growth Labz
Graphic Design Course
graphic design
Lauren Austin
Visual Designer and Consultant (UX/UI)
service design
sarah forde
Studied: SD Elevate
tayla thompson
Studied: SD Foundations
tobias robinson
Studied: SD Elevate
George Kordas
Director of Design and Innovation at Innovation Union
Jenni Philippe
Founder and Director at CircleCo Consulting
Matt Kurowski
Senior Strategic and Service Designer
Susie Flynn
Service Designer, Capability Lead at RACV
Vito Tassone
Service Design Lead Instructor at Academy Xi
product management
Alex perron
Studied: PM Elevate
alexandra lee
Studied: PM Elevate
kwan chan
Studied: PM Elevate
Eddy Ku
Co-founder and Director of Innovation & Design
Edmund Munday
Product Owner, Cloud Adoption at StarRez, Inc
Jacques Groenewald
Product Owner at PaperCut Software
Olga Drobysheva
Product Manager at MYOB
Data Analytics Course
data analytics
Felipe Rego
Data Science and Analytics Partner
Louis Liu - Academy Xi
Louis Liu
Data Scientist Chapter Lead at ANZ
mixed reality
Bachir El Khoury
Augmented Reality Designer and Director of Limpid Logic
Chuan Lim
Mixed Reality Producer and Director at LN_TAO
Lachlan Sleight
VR Developer at Pernickety Split
Paul Kouppas
Head of Innovation at Auggd
Samuel Tate
Spatial Director at PHORIA
Saxon Dixon
VR/AR Designer and Technical Artist
Murray Grange
Director of Agility, NoMoss
Prudhvi Teja
Director of Agility, NoMoss
Steven KH Ma
Chief Purpose Officer, NoMoss

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