Tobias Robinson

Professional background: Service Designer at Westpac

Course taken: UX DesignService Design

Before Tobias found Service Design, he felt trapped in the slow pace of Architecture. Instead of staying in a job that failed to satisfy and bring him fulfilment, Tobias went out in search of a new field, industry, and career. He landed at Academy Xi and took both the part-time Service Design (SD) course and the full-time User Experience Design (UX) course.

The exposure of two different fields, the overlap of skills, and the insights of multiple instructors created the perfect storm of experience. This experience, led by a determined motivation to learn and dive into new industries, would lead Tobias down the path needed to meet the right employer. During the Service Design course, Tobias worked on a real-life project with Qantas. All of the students in the course focused on the service design of baggage handling: a project that was both complex and intensive, providing the perfect learning environment for deploying Service Design skills.

After the course, Tobias landed a job as a Service Designer at Qantas and now works for Westpac.

Interview with Tobias Robinson

The mentorship was beyond anything I’ve experienced. What I liked about the learning environment at Academy Xi is the balance between pursuing my own interests while being delivered the basic and developed content of UX.

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