Sarah Forde (1)

Sarah Forde

Professional background: Service Designer

Studied at Academy Xi: Service Design Course 

Through her work in local communities in local governments in Australia, Sarah discovered User Experience Design (UX) and Service Design (SD). With a passion to learn more and expand her skills, Sarah eventually decided to do the Service Design course at Academy Xi. It was here that she realised there was a name for what she had been doing all along — interview research.

On a particular project, Sarah had to work on building an art classroom and the local government she worked for had a very linear approach to it. It wasn’t until Sarah spoke to the teachers and delved deeper, that she understood the importance of the art classroom. The students came up with a really cool idea: a blackboard in the yard so they could express their personal art, in conjunction with their classroom art.

Sarah uses this as an example of human-centred design and viewing problems through a human-lens. This way of thinking is further emphasised in fields like Service Design, where the users and in this case the children, are placed at the heart of design.

Interview with Sarah Forde

I’ve always sought to understand people. By studying Service Design, I now have the confidence and tools to identify problems in a more structured manner. The richer the information, the easier it is to meet a person’s needs.

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