Alexandra Lee

Alexandra Lee

Professional background: Banking and Commerce

Studied at Academy Xi: Product Management Course, UX Design Course


Like most corporate employees, Alexandra decided to leave her career in banking and finance and embark on a new journey — in her case it was the exciting world of Product Management.

In search of the mindset and skills required to become the ‘mini-CEO’, Alexandra decided to take Academy Xi’s Product Management course. Through completing the course, Alexandra was able to walk away with a Product Manager toolkit of practical examples that she could apply in her daily life and role.

According to Alex, and additional bonus from having completed the Product Management course is becoming part of Academy Xi’s exclusive alumni network, “I have been connected to an amazing group of alumni that I reach out to on an ongoing basis whenever I need to troubleshoot an idea.”

Interview with Alexandra Lee

Through mentorship in Product Management course by experienced professionals, I’ve been able to work in Product Management and gained real-world exposure of what it’s like to be a Product Manager.

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