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User Experience (UX) Design Workshop for teams

Q: Who should champion UX within an organisation?

A: The entire organisation, everyone.

User Experience (UX) Design exists at the junction of multiple disciplines. It serves as a facilitator between businesses and customers. It is essentially a mindset – a strategic way of thinking about customer behaviours, desires, and expectations. Importantly, a UX design mindset minimises business risk. By understanding users early, organisations can find a successful business value proposition.

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The top companies leading in user experience outperformed the S&P index by 35% - Intechnic Report
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"Research from Forrester shows that, on average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return to the business" - Forrester, 'The Six Steps for Justifying Better UX' (2016)

Learning outcomes

Academy Xi’s User Experience (UX) Design Workshop was built for corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams. Over one or two days, it gives your team a toolkit of practical tactics to introduce a strong UX team culture.

Team Benefits

  • Leverage best-practice UX Design mindsets, processes and artefacts
  • Map the end-to-end journey of a customer (digital & offline channels)
  • Ideate, design & test rapid prototypes relevant to your organisation
  • Translate and visualise user stories and build solutions to meet these needs
  • Overcome legacy process issues by teaching staff to work creatively within constraints
  • Create a community of problem solvers that share ownership of your user’s experience
  • Identify customer behaviours, desires, and expectations using a best practice strategic process
  • Kickstart a culture of continuous learning within your team

Who is this training designed for?

This training is best suited for:

  • Corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams 
  • Functional teams looking to upskill 
  • Cross-functional teams requiring a shared mindset and language
  • Executive teams and boards
  • Teams in adjacent design and tech disciplines looking to amplify their knowledge
  • Groups of new starters for alignment with organisational vision and priorities


UX Design is a way of thinking that follows a Human-Centred Design (HCD) approach by placing the user at the centre of the design process. 

Because UX Design is about designing products and services that are useful, desirable and delightful, businesses have a lot to gain when it is harnessed across teams and business units. It is a useful mindset and methodology to use to better understand stakeholders (both internal and external).

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