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Software Development Workshop


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Software Development Workshop for teams

This workshop provides you with the knowledge to contribute to software projects and manage the teams that bring them to life. This introductory workshop has been designed to dissolve the disconnect that currently exists within many organisations between tech teams and the rest of the business. Most staff members have a limited understanding of the key phases of a digital product development cycle. We want to rectify this in light of the massive digital transformation that is sweeping across business.

Learning outcomes

Academy Xi’s Software Development Workshop was designed for teams and executive groups looking to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts, technologies, and processes that underpin software builds.

Team Benefits

  • Understand the key phases of a digital product development cycle
  • Learn about common digital project management methods, including agile
  • Create a shared language to enhance cross-functional collaboration and efficiency 
  • Understand where the software development team sits within the broader business
  • Gain a better understanding of software developers and the challenges they face
  • Learn how development teams are structured, and key job roles
  • Grasp the 101 of websites and web application technologies
  • Kickstart a culture of continuous learning within your organisation
  • Understand common pitfalls & issues that exist within a development environment

Who is this training designed for?

This training is best suited for:

  • Corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams 
  • Functional teams looking to get comfortable with all elements of digital projects
  • Cross-functional teams requiring knowledge of the role software plays in digital projects
  • Founders and managers looking to better manage digital teams 
  • Executive teams and boards who understand the vital role of software development in driving their business forward


Managers and team members who understand software can better understand the possibilities and impact of technology. They can make better decisions regarding the strategic value of IT and the potential for technology-driven savings. They can appreciate the opportunities and limitations involved in developing and deploying technology solutions. This workshop is less about software developer instruction in order to code and more about allowing for understanding the ecosystem within which software development sits.

To most folks, software is a big, incomprehensible collection of acronyms and opaque phrases. Don’t be intimidated. The basics are actually pretty easy to understand. We start with the fundamentals which will help you comprehend and progress digital projects within your business. Think: web tech basics, how software systems operate in a digital business, the key phases of a development cycle, agile methodology, etc.

The key message we are looking to instill in this workshop is that managers and team members need to have a basic understanding of software development as achieving success rarely lies with the strength of the technology alone.

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