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Service Design workshop for teams

“When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, each selling the exact same coffee for the exact same price, Service Design is the reason you go into one coffee shop and not the other”

— Marc Fonteijn, Founder, Service Design Show

In today’s saturated marketplace, providing amazing customer service is critical to build brand differentiation, loyalty, and long-term business value. Leading organisations, such as Apple, Google, Uber and Disney, have embedded Service Design into all their processes to design smooth and personalised experiences that people will remember and talk about.

50% of design-led companies report more loyal customers as a benefit to having advanced design practices.

Creativity at Work, What Makes Creative Companies Outperform Their Competitors?

Design-led firms consciously put the customer first, with 46% of design leaders citing an emotional bond with customers as a defining characteristic of an advanced design practice.

Forrester, Design-Led Firms Win The Business Advantage

Learning outcomes

Academy Xi’s Service Design course was built for corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams. Over one or two days, it gives your team the knowledge and practical experience to think critically about a service offering in your business, and how it might be improved.

Team Benefits

  • Leverage best-practice Service Design mindsets, processes and artefacts
  • Kickstart a culture of continuous learning within your team
  • Map the end-to-end journey of a service (digital & offline channels)
  • Ideate, design & test rapid prototypes relevant to your organisation
  • Overcome legacy process issues by teaching staff to work creatively within constraints
  • Understand and create ‘Current State’ and ‘Future State’ service blueprints
  • Translate and visualise user stories and build service solutions to meet these needs
  • Identify customer and stakeholder needs using a best practice strategic process
  • Create a community of problem solvers that share ownership of your full service offering
  • A dedicated Service Design toolkit to embed new practices

Who is this training designed for?

This training is best suited for:

  • Corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams 
  • Functional teams looking to upskill 
  • Cross-functional teams requiring a shared mindset and language
  • Executive teams and boards
  • Teams in adjacent design, tech and strategic business units looking to amplify their knowledge
  • Groups of new starters for alignment with organisational vision and priorities


Service Design is the discipline of creating an optimal end-to-end service experience across all touchpoints, by ensuring customers are central to all processes.

Service Designers look holistically at a service experience, map out and orchestrate all aspects of it to deliver an amazing experience:

  • The “front stage”: the elements that a user interacts with, such as an app, a website, an email or a conversation with an employee. 
  • The “backstage”: the behind-the-scenes activities a user doesn’t see, such as systems, processes, staff training, etc.

Service Design is the practical approach to improving the quality of your service. In Service Design, a wide range of disciplines come together, such as ethnography, consumer research, interaction design, product design, industrial design, service marketing and corporate strategy. The below are a few of the key tools used when applying Service Design methodologies:

  • Service Design research
  • Affinity Mapping
  • User Stories
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Personas
  • Service Blueprints

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