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Intro to digital for teams

With digital transformation affecting all aspects of the business landscape, it’s no longer viable for digital knowledge to be held within closed silos. Think of digital literacy as having the understanding you need to play on the fast-moving digital playing field. 

This 1-day course answers fundamental questions about the world of digital in a safe environment, and provides a knowledge foundation that can be built on over time.

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On average, highly digitally engaged businesses earn 60% more revenue per employee than businesses with poor digital engagement - Deloitte, 'Australia's Digital Pulse' report (2019)
The average Australian worker will need to gain seven new digital skills by 2025 to keep pace - Amazon Web Services in Australia, 'Unlocking APAC's Digital Potential' report (2021)

Learning outcomes

Delivered either in-person or online, this digital literacy training will kickstart the journey for 20 of your people towards realising core digital capabilities.

Team Benefits

  • Leverage best-practice digital mindsets, processes and artefacts
  • Understand your organisation’s digital systems, processes and job roles
  • Build a culture of “tech confidence” to improve the way your people do business
  • Develop a shared language around digital to drive productivity
  • Create a digital service blueprint using Design Thinking
  • Create a shared ‘digital-first’ mindset to tackle simple and complex business challenges 
  • Unleash dormant creativity to override ‘business as usual’ thinking 
  • Encourage more thoughtful, ‘digital-first’ decision-making 
  • Take away a dedicated toolkit to further embed learnings in everyday work
  • Employee development

Who is this training designed for?

  • Corporate, government, not-for-profit and agency teams 
  • Functional teams looking to upskill 
  • Cross-functional teams requiring a shared mindset and language
  • Founders, managers and creative directors looking to bring a baseline digital IQ to their businesses
  • Executive teams and boards
  • Groups of new starters for alignment with organisational vision and priorities


Quick clue: it isn’t all about the technology. The true benefits of advanced technologies can only be realised if we know how to use them to their fullest potential. It is also not necessarily about becoming a digital master. It is about being able to have a conversation with one. Digital literacy is the ability to navigate various digital platforms and understand, assess and communicate through them. 

Digital literacy is important because we live in a tech-dependent world. Today, you can buy movie tickets from your smartphone, read the news on a mobile tablet or take books with you to the beach on a digital e-reader. We need to become digitally literate to keep up with the changing times. Remote working also shed a light on varying digital literacy levels within organisations. Similarly, with organisations increasingly adopting new technologies like cloud platforms, digital project management software and data analytics, employees will need to continue developing new skills and adapting to change. 

The quickest and most sustainable way to digital literacy is about building foundational digital capabilities. These are the mindsets, systems and architecture that sit behind the new digital ecosystem. Some signs of a digitally literate individual include being able to find the right tools to consume information and to share and create content for others. 

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