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Our offering

Designed and taught by passionate industry experts, our courses empower people and teams with the skills and confidence required to stay ahead, build a future-proofed career, and transform their lives.

A key feature of all our Transform courses and a major point of difference with other providers, is that our students work with real businesses and stakeholders. In addition to the theory, we teach our students the soft and hands-on practical skills required to work in any organisation.

Unlike other education providers, who typically rely on case studies and simulated experiences, you will gain practical experience by working with real, live clients, managing stakeholders, deadlines, and providing recommendations that will significantly impact the company’s direction and ROI.

Real client project case studies

To help organisations accelerate innovation, problem solve, and create meaningful change, we connect our passionate and skilled students with companies seeking high quality, customer-centric solutions. 

Check out the projects our students have submitted to their clients below. 

Project deliverables

What to expect

  • Gain 80 hours of client work
  • Meet with your client 3 times under a short timeframe to complete assigned activities
  • Access real customers for research and testing
  • Present to different stakeholders depending on the project. ie: CEO or founder if it’s a startup client, to the Product owner or Design team if corporate

Testimonials of real clients

Student testimonials

John Angles

Studied: UX Transform

Worked on the following clients: Muso, Your Home Assist and Haleybury

“For me, the most reassuring thing so far has been during the industry projects. We’ve found that these businesses (ANZ and Telstra) are speaking the same language, working with the same methodologies and concepts that we’re learning in the course. I’ve felt comfortable speaking to seasoned experts about these concepts and ways of working in an applied setting and it seems natural – that’s a massive confidence booster in itself that the jump into that first role won’t be quite so daunting.”

Max Harper

Studied: UX Transform

Worked on the following clients: Glowup, Quizbreaker and Perlii

“Most valuable is the insight gaining from doing projects right away and doing real client projects in groups. I think this is more real-world than individual learning.”

Peggy Wei

Studied: UX Transform

Worked on the following clients: Tech Ranking, Good Business Matters and Helfie

“Working with actual clients on real life projects and have our Instructor there to give advice/guidance/let us know his experiences. Allows us to both receive some guidance but also fail and learn from mistakes on our own.”

David Polo

Studied: UX Transform

Worked on the following clients: Glow up, Shout for good and Family HQ

“What I found most valuable was the ability to work on ‘real world’ clients – ie, not just hypothetical projects, briefs etc. I have also been impressed by the volume of industry experts, whether it’s been recruiters, UXers out in the field or passed students and their thoughts.”

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