Companies that integrate Design Thinking into their corporate strategy outperform their peers by as much as 228% annually. Join them.

Use Design Thinking to unlock innovation

Built for strategic business leaders (not just designers!), Design Thinking for Innovation: Elevate will help you improve processes, simplify complex problems and foster innovation to add business value.

Design Thinking is a mindset, process and collection of hands-on tools for creative problem solving, which can help to:

Discover how Design Thinking can lead the conversation and influence outcomes within organisations, and how you can become the driver of that change. 

*sources: Design Value Index, IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Report, Adobe

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Course duration:

Weeks 1 – 3 

  • Learn about the core concepts of HCD
  • Conduct customer interviews, research & surveys
  • Extract insights from data

Weeks 4 – 6 

  • How to segment your customers
  • Explore the role of CX in an organisation
  • Create your customer journey map

Weeks 7 – 10

  • Develop your own CX strategy
  • Learn how to apply design thinking and optimise your customer journey
  • Create a CX program rollout plan
  • Understand metrics for CX

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product management course

Product Management is in high-demand across all industries in Australia. Stand out with the techniques, tools and mindset to drive every moment of a product’s lifecycle and effectively take a new product or feature from idea to market.

What you'll gain in this course:

Our Product Management course will equip you with the latest frameworks and techniques so you can be a strong all-rounder – planning, managing and executing a product from the design phase to launch. You will also graduate with a slew of practical skills including:

Our Product Management courses

Co-created with industry experts from:

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Guys working on a table
UX UI is in high-demand across all industries in Australia. Stand out with the techniques to design products and interfaces that are useful, desirable and seamless to use.

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What you'll learn

With our full-time and part-time courses, you’ll learn a plethora of theoretical and practical User Interface & User Experience Design skills.

See below for some of the modules that will be covered throughout the duration of your course. Whether you need to upskill or have a career change, we got you covered.

  • Learn about the core design concepts and frameworks of UX UI Design
  • Get an overview of Human-Centred Design principles and explore The Double Diamond framework as well as different UX Softwares such as Figma, Sketch & more
  • You’ll get the opportunity to choose your own project design challenge or select from a few available case studies
  • Trail along the Double Diamond framework and the types of UX research it comprises of
  • Work on your UX Research skills as you explore problem statements, different types of research and its techniques
  • Brush up on your competitor and data analysis for your project design challenge 
  • Consolidate your data and extract insights to define the problem space
  • Explore various tools such as affinity and empathy mapping 
  • Develop your ideal persona as well as customer journey map
  • Work on developing solutions through ideation, so you can arrive at a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Complete a Crazy 8s activity
  • Develop your own storyboard 
  • Start developing your low-fi wireframe
  • Begin to explore what Information Architecture (IA) your prototype looks like 
  • Explore user flows and intuitive design
  • Explore layouts and visual hierarchy
  • Learn about the elements of User Interface Design from both a visual and content perspective: typography, colour, imagery and iconography
  • Develop your colour palette

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With 23% projected job growth to 2024, Software Engineering skills are in high-demand. It’s a future-proof discipline, with ample opportunities for learning and progression.




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Skills you'll gain:

Whether you’re looking to launch your career in tech or simply test the waters, we have the right course for you. Our suite of tech courses covers a range of full-stack development skills, and includes multiple programming languages – both front-end and back-end. You will graduate with a slew of practical skills including:

Deciding on what course to study?

Our Software Engineering Transform course is ideal for you if you want to:
  • Start a new career in technology as a junior developer or engineer
  • Learn full-stack development skills – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, SQL
  • Build fully functional websites and apps
  • Get career support to help you secure a tech job after the course
Our Front-End Web Development Elevate course is ideal for you if you want to: 
  • Learn practical front-end web development skills
  • Start building simple websites
  • Secure a promotion or upskill with front-end skills
  • Start using HTML,CSS and JavaScript skills in your current role or side hustle (Marketing/ Web Design/ UX Design/ Tech Lead/ Product Manager, etc.)

Explore our online coding courses

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Career support program

Study our Software Engineering & Front-end Web Development Transform courses and graduate job-ready. Opt into our optional Career Support Program after completing your course and be equipped with skills to: 

  • Build your network and personal brand
  • Regular 1:1 meetings with our Career Coaches to plan for your job search and successfully apply for the right roles as well as connecting you with community networks and share job opportunities 

To date, 9 out of 10 of those who have actively participated in the program have secured jobs in tech-related fields soon after graduating. Through a collaborative process – we’ll help you achieve your career goals. You’ll work on:

  • Your elevator pitch
  • Improve your soft skills
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Develop your CV
  • Learn network best practices
  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn

Hear from our graduates

Our Academy Xi instructors are rated a 4.2 score out of 5, by 2549 students.

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Get support and personalised feedback from one of our many expert course mentors, who are hand-picked for their expertise both in the field and online classroom. With years of experience working in the field of Software Engineering, your course mentor works with you to help you meet your goals and get the most out of this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that Web Developers are one of the most in-demand roles that Australian IT Managers are struggling to fill? COVID-19 demonstrated how vital technology has become to most organisations. As companies continue to modernise through digital transformation and require countless websites and digital services, the demand for people with web development skills has skyrocketed and will only continue to do so. 

At Academy Xi, we teach a variety of job-focussed software development courses designed to take to you from beginner to employed, with plenty of hands-on coding practice. 

Yes, at the end of your course you’ll receive a certificate as well as trusted, industry-recognised credential which can you share with your network. 

We partner with Credly to deliver digital credentials which covers a graphical representation of your skills, combined with knowledge and activities it took to earn them. 

Our courses are 100% beginner-friendly so you’ll be able to learn at the same pace as your peers.

We’re committed to helping people get affordable access to education and future-proof their career. Whether you want to level up or start a new career, we offer a range of flexible payments plans so you can achieve your goals today, and pay at your own pace. Chat with our advisors to see what options would suit you. 

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