Instructor: Software engineering Courses

Professional background: Senior Software Engineer

Sha Liu is currently a Senior Software Engineer at mx51, an Australian cloud-based fin-tech platform that helps merchants and payment providers to thrive globally in a disruptive world. 

Throughout Sha’s career, he has worked across various industries- where his previous role in Assembly Payments focussed on building core micro services that support online and instore payments as well as increased operational efficiency, streamlined development and experimental tools to identify issues early & iterate them within a fast-paced environment. He’s also worked in, which is a free renting platform and Wilcom International, a world leading embroidery CAD software – just to name a few. 

Sha Liu was also a classroom mentor at Udacity – an online platform for tech-related courses where he helped students to navigate their learning journey. Liu has mentored over 400 students during his time at Udacity – with his expertise primarily focused in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Nanodegree.

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