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Technology transforms the workplace and creates an insatiable demand for people with design and emerging technology skills. With our industry-recognised, practical and innovative online courses, our students are empowered to stay ahead of the industry curve, shape their own future, and transform their lives.

To help you gain work-ready skills in high-demand disciplines at a great price, we’ve created bundles. They combine key courses to equip you with well-rounded skills in related disciplines, at a reduced price.

Simply choose the bundle that fits, decide when you want to start, and enjoy your learning experience.

  1. UX UI Design Foundations
  2. Human-Centred Designer bundle
  3. Marketing Machine bundle

Outcomes focussed learning

Whatever success looks like for you, we’ve got a course to help you reach it. Whether it’s landing a new job, boosting your employment opportunities by expanding your skillset, or just learning the basics, we focus on career success, practical outputs and empower you with the tools to shape your own future. 

UX UI Design Foundations

Understand the key User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design principles and how they work together with our UX UI Design Foundations Bundle.

  • Complete both foundations courses (valued at $3,000)
  • Cost: Just $1,500 (includes GST, save $1500)

Experience Designer bundle

Learn how to map and deliver exceptional customer journeys with our Human-Centred Design, User Experience Designer Bundle.   
  • Complete UX UI Design, Service Design and Customer Experience (CX) online courses
  • Cost: $8,500 (includes GST) 

Human-Centred Designer bundle

Become an expert in designing exceptional experiences both online and offline with our Human-Centered Design bundle.  

  • Complete both User Experience Design and Service Design online courses
  • Cost: $6,500 (includes GST, save $1,500) 

Marketing Machine bundle

Launch, market and scale a product with skills in Digital Marketing, Product Management, and more with our Marketing Machine bundle. 

  • Complete two of the following online courses: Digital Marketing and Product Management)
  • Cost: $5,250 (including GST, save $1,000)

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