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— Tiffany McHugh, Head of Product, Academy Xi

Programming Courses in Australia

Our online programming courses in Australia

For anyone based in Australia keen to enhance their skillset, resume and portfolio by studying programming, Academy Xi offers a range of courses. Our online programming courses include:

What is the best course for programming?

The programming course best suited to you will depend on a number of factors, including whether you plan to upskill or change careers, as well as the area of the industry you aspire to work in and your lifestyle. 

For help finding the perfect online programming course, speak to a course advisor.  

How long are the online programming courses?

Academy Xi programming courses are much shorter than traditional university courses. They can be completed full or part-time, ranging in length from 12 weeks to 10 months. 

What will you learn in a programming course?

Also known as coding, programming refers to the process of writing instructions for computing devices and systems.

A programming course will teach you how to code websites, apps and other user-facing programs, all of which fall into the category of front-end development. You might also learn back-end programming, which involves coding systems to perform tasks the user does not see.

How much do Programmers earn in Australia?

The average programmer salary in Australia is $90,793 each year. Entry-level positions start at $80,000 per year, while most experienced Programmers make up to $110,290 annually (, 2022).

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