Instructor: Service Design Courses

Professional background:
Senior Manager – Technology Strategy & Advisory at Accenture

Throughout my career, people have always been at the heart of my work. I love learning, observing and telling stories that help connect the dots, bringing others along on a journey of discovery and improving experiences. In my role, I utilise a mix of Systems Thinking and Service Design to advise, design and build future services and digital products that meet business objectives whilst providing a good experience for the people who deliver them as well as those who use them.

What’s your motivation for becoming a DiR?

I’m openly passionate about continuous learning, development, and building leadership skills in those around me. I’ve been the architect of global learning programmes, staff development and progression plans, and a coach to over a hundred people which I have found enormously rewarding.

I also believe that Australians have the talent and drive to place themselves on the world map as a hot-spot for innovation, talent and best-in-class design work. I joined the DiR program as a mentor because it’s a great opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ while supporting this next generation of designers.

What are your hobbies and interests?

An avid reader and learner – from Aesthetic Philosophy to the Neuroscience of Behaviour; binging Netflix or Prime and backyard farming. 

One book or movie you’d recommend to read or watch to all your mentees?

  • Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowles
  • Coded Bias – 2020 Documentary
  • How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand