Academy Xi Webinars

Tips for Building a Customer-Centric Culture

By Academy Xi

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In the age of the customer, ‘Business As Usual’ is not enough.

Ask almost any CEO, and they will say that becoming a customer-centric organisation is a top priority. But ask how they plan to achieve that goal, and things get a lot murkier. 

Why? Because customer-centric transformations are hard. And unlike other change programs, they need to be driven from within, or grassroots culture will never shift at scale. 

Join Mark Cameron (CEO, W3.Digital) and Eric Lutley (Head of Partnerships, Academy Xi) as they discuss what tips, trends, challenges and solutions they are seeing in-market right now.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Which levers can drive customer-centric change, at an individual, team, and organisational level
  • How even the most established institutions can rethink how they collaborate across the ecosystem to improve the customer experience
  • What tools you can immediately put in place to make for a more customer-centric culture