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How to combat ‘Digital Imposter Syndrome’

By Academy Xi

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Less than 40% of Australians feel confident that they can keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology (Digital Nation Australia, 2021).

Most of us have felt digital imposter syndrome at some point in our professional lives. When it comes to teams and organisations, this seemingly innocuous mindset can be a challenge for leaders. It can hold staff back from asking necessary questions, hinder productivity and stall growth. With many of us continuing to ‘Work From Home’, we’ve also lost the ability to physically turn to a colleague for help.

Join our panel of digital experts as we discuss how businesses and individuals can overcome digital imposter syndrome.

Join our speakers: 

  • Matt Tsourdalakis – Lead Product Designer, SelfWealth
  • Anjully Lozano – CX Design Lead, Officeworks
  • Taîss Quartápa – Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting: Technology Advisory, Accenture

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How businesses can take their people on the digital transformation journey
  • What mindsets work best to succeed in the ever-evolving digital and tech landscape
  • How workplace cultural change can alleviate anxiety around digital
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