We teach with purpose, for a purpose

Through education and collaboration, we have the power and responsibility to change the world for the better. XiAct is our positive social impact pillar and it’s central to all the decisions we make as our company grows.

This also means that you have the power to help us shape XiAct. Your ideas help us to open new doors that would not be possible for us to do alone.

Involve yourself

By involving yourself with XiAct, you will become part of a community of social innovators and changemakers. We support many not-for-profits and social enterprises including Remarkable, Switch Fest, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Kiva, and WWF to name a few.

We’re always excited to explore new opportunities, so get in touch with a team member.

Use design thinking for good

We currently facilitate the official Sydney Chapter of OpenIDEO, a global community of individuals who use design-thinking methodologies to solve real-world problems. Bring your unique skill set to the table. Join our OpenIDEO community.

Creating a social enterprise

To further extend our commitment to social change, we’ve recently established key partnerships and programs with future thinking organisations:

  • With Isobar, we launched an Indigenous Australian Scholarship for our full-time User Experience Design course.
  • With WWF, we created an Environmental Social Impact scholarship program
  • We’re also developing our Each One, Teach One program; for every student who completes a course, we support the student to teach one underprivileged youth in the same course

By joining our XiAct meetup group, you can stay in the loop on our latest social good initiatives. Within this group, meet other like-minded changemakers and connect with the community.