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The problem

Academy Xi’s team training services were built to solve a problem. New ways of working are creating disciplines that did not previously exist, and organisations are struggling to keep their workforces up to date. This is creating skill gaps within and between teams, which can lead to internal friction, poorly designed products, systemic customer service failures and weak market traction.

The solution

Enter Academy Xi. Our mission is to optimise your organisation’s culture and performance through education. We provide concise, actionable training in the fields of design, digital and business. By embedding these skills across teams, we have helped some of the world’s largest (and smallest) organisations create a more engaged workforce, design better customer experiences, and increase market share.

What we teach

Academy Xi delivers training programs across all of the below disciplines. Whether your team needs a high-level introduction to a new concept, or a deep dive on a niche sub-topic, we can tailor a program to suit.

How we teach it


Your place, our place, anyplace. We deliver face-to-face training in the following formats:

  1. Half or single day bootcamps
  2. Multi-day courses
  3. Ongoing, organisation-wide training rollouts


If you have a geographically dispersed team, a group with varied training needs, or a large number of participants, online learning may be the best option. We offer:

  1. Self-paced foundational courses. Perfect for introducing new skills to teams in a flexible, low-cost format.
  2. Instructor-led deep dive courses. Perfect for preparing teams for projects that will require new skills.
  3. Full career change programs. Perfect for workforces going through rounds of staff redeployment.

All of these courses were built from the ground up to be delivered virtually, leveraging modern technologies such as socially-enabled learning management systems, project collaboration tools and video conferencing.


Many of the training programs we design with our clients use a blended delivery format. For example, we might kick off a program with a 1-day bootcamp, which serves as an introduction to an online course delivered by the same instructor. Project work can be done face-to-face or through virtual collaboration tools. There really is no limit to what we can create together.

Bespoke course design

Academy Xi has an in-house team of learning designers. They are the unsung heroes of the education world, and have worked tirelessly to create all of the programs described above. But they also co-design courses for client organisations. If you are looking to develop a course that will be delivered by your own trainers, we would be excited to hear from you.

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